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The Miele Red Velvet w/SEB 236 described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Miele Canisters & Power Teams.

Miele CX1 Bagless Canister

Miele S558 Red Velvet with SEB 236 Powerbrush
Powered by the new 1200 Watt Miele Vortex motor and teamed with the SEB 236 Powerbrush, this Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaner is their most deluxe midsize power team. Popular features include a fingertip on/off switch and speed controls on the hose, an Active Certified HEPA filter, over 150 CFM air flow, deluxe direct connect SEB 236 Powerbrush and its extremely quiet operation. Strong suction and high air flow provide outstanding cleaning of all surfaces. This Miele vacuum has a case with a beautiful deep red SoftTouch lacquer finish which is very durable and practical.

A very nice feature is the direct electrical connections on the SES 125 Direct Connect Electric Hose, SET 210 Direct Connect Electric Telescopic Wand and SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush.

The Miele Red Velvet Vacuum is always packaged with the deluxe SEB 236 Powerbrush, creating a powerful 12 Amp. power team.   For similar products see our list of current Miele Canisters w/Power Nozzles.   View Larger Image
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Miele Red Velvet Vacuum Model S558 Introduction

Miele - Made in Germany

Miele has been designing and manufacturing products for the home since 1899. They produced their first vacuum cleaner in 1927 and celebrated their 100th Anniversary in June of 1999. Their products are world renowned for their power, durability and performance. The introduction of the Miele Red Velvet vacuum, with its beautiful deep red SoftTouch lacquer finish, reflects their commitment to designing and manufacturing outstanding vacuum cleaners. As with all Miele products, all its advanced technology and incredible power is harnessed within a truly beautiful work of art. You may even be tempted to purchase a Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaner on its looks alone.

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaners have many of the deluxe features of the Miele S658 Blue Moon vacuum but in a midsize case. It is a complete power team including their deluxe SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush.

While continuing the strong Miele tradition of quality, design, beauty and outstanding performance, this Miele Red Velvet, with its beautiful SoftTouch lacquer finish plus very convenient direct connect electric hose with fingertip speed control, direct connect electric wand, and direct connect SEB 236 powerbrush, takes Miele's beauty and technology to an even higher level.

Multi-Layer Filtration System

The Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaner uses a multi-layer filtration system which increases the life of the high filtration exhaust filter. The air passes through a triple layer dustbag and a secondary electrostatic filter before reaching the special exhaust filter. Each layer of filtration captures more particles as the air passes through them. Ideally, multi-layer filtration enhances performance by ensuring good air flow through the system. It prevents large particles from reaching and blocking the exhaust filter, saving it for critical particle retention.

The Miele Red Velvet vacuums come equipped with their Active Certified S-Class HEPA exhaust filter for exceptional allergen filtration. It is also equipped with an indicator to show that it's time to change this filter after 50 hours of use to maintain its outstanding performance. A lower cost alternative is the Super Air Clean exhaust filter which is packaged with the dustbags. It is designed for those desiring outstanding filtration but who do not have dust related sensitivities which require the level of filtration which meets the stringent HEPA specification.

In a study conducted by the Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Virginia, the Miele vacuum cleaner with the Super Air Clean filter was tested, along with eight other leading brands, to determine if vacuum cleaner efficiency affects the level of airborne allergens commonly found in the home, such as pet dander and dust mite feces. The results indicate that some vacuum cleaners substantially increase allergens in the air. The study proved Miele captures virtually all the dust, dirt and allergens you pick up, improving the quality of the air you breathe. The Certified HEPA filter which comes with the Miele S558 vacuum provides even greater filtration, producing net filtration which exceeds the stringent HEPA specification.

The Miele Advanced Emission Guard™ Sealed System

Cutaway view of Miele Sealed System

Using the Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaner differs from your typical home vacuum cleaner because of its special high filtration capabilities and its Advanced Emission Guard™ sealed system. This means that the sub-micrometer dust you pick up actually reaches the high filtration exhaust filter and is not blown out through minute cracks in the case or around the exhaust filter like many competing cleaners with high filtration exhaust filters.

Miele vacuum cleaners are designed so that air flows through the nozzle and hose into the dustbag, and then through any additional filters before leaving the machine at the exhaust. Filters capable of achieving sub-micrometer filtration are important but equally important is how much of the air flow containing these allergens, etc. actually passes through the filters to be cleaned by them. With the Miele Advanced Emission Guard™ sealed system you can rest assured that all the air flow passes through and is filtered by the included Active Certified S-Class HEPA, optional Active Air Clean or Super Air Clean exhaust filters. Having a completely sealed system also helps improve suction by ensuring that all air flow through the motor is also pulled through the hose and attachments, not entering through unsealed joints in the case, wands and attachments.

High Performance IntensiveClean Plus™ Dustbag

Miele IntensiveClean Plus Dustbag

Miele's revolutionary new IntensiveClean Plus™ dustbag offers unbeatable advantages which really enhance the performance of the Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaners. First and foremost, the unique new material which composes IntensiveClean Plus dustbags has made significant progress in the quality of filtration: Thanks to its intricate web of three-ply random-spun polymer fibers, far more tiny particles and allergens are retained than with conventional dustbags. This alone accounts for a reduction in dust emissions from the dustbag of up to 50%, based on levels which were already extremely low. Therefore, this vacuum's secondary filter and Certified HEPA exhaust filter will be kept cleaner, providing outstanding cleaning performance with reduced resistance to the air flow.

The enhanced composition of IntensiveClean Plus virtually eliminates clogging, improving cleaning performance even further. This material captures millions of tiny dust particles and holds them tight within its fibers, keeping the pores of the dustbag open longer. As a result, Miele vacuum cleaners retain their excellent cleaning performance, even when their dustbags are full. This special polymer material also makes the dustbag practically tear-proof. The risk of damage caused by sharp, pointed objects in the bag is now a thing of the past.

High Efficiency Filters

For those with dust related allergies or asthma, Miele has included an Active Certified HEPA Filter which is tested and certified that it will meet the stringent HEPA specification. It will retain all particles as small as 0.3 µm (micrometers - formerly microns) in size with an efficiency rating of 99.97%. The HEPA acronym is used primarily in the USA whereas Europeans often refer to this same filter as an S-Class filter. This indicates that the filter meets standards like the British Standard 5415 and German norm: DIN 2418B Ti-E EU 13 for filtration performance. Miele's Active Certified HEPA Filter even includes a thin layer of Activated Charcoal for trapping unpleasant odors as well. This hybrid exhaust filter makes your Miele Red Velvet an outstanding allergy vacuum with extremely low dust and odor emissions. The included Active Certified HEPA exhaust filter normally sells for $49.95.

Miele also offers an optional special filter designed for the pet lovers in our world. Their Active Air Clean Filter features a thick layer of Activated Charcoal sandwiched between two Super Air Clean filters for outstanding odor trapping abilities. It's great for cat & dog owners. When purchasing your new Miele vacuum from Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service, turn it into an allergy vacuum with very low dust and odor emissions by adding the Active Air Clean filter for only $39.95.

World’s First HEPA Certified Vacuum Cleaner System

DMT Air Quality Test Institute Certification

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaners, like others in their S500i and S600i series, represent the world's first ever HEPA certified vacuum cleaner system. People especially concerned with indoor-air quality will be pleased to know that the filtration system in the Miele S558 Red Velvet was tested by the DMT Air Quality Test Institute and certified that it is in compliance with the stringent EN 1822 standard.

By testing the particle retention of the entire unit's filtration system it is one of the world's most stringent filtration standards. Much to Miele's delight, virtually all particulate matter was contained within this vacuum cleaner system, earning the S500i and S600i series the world's first certificate of HEPA certification. The Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaner successfully combines a certified HEPA filter and a completely sealed system to provide the lowest vacuum cleaner dust emissions available for your home environment.

Efficient Miele Vortex Suction Motor

Miele Vortex Motor Fan

The powerful 1200 Watt, Miele Vortex suction motor produces plenty of suction for cleaning all carpeted floors when used with its SEB 236 Powerbrush. As such it is a very effective 1440 watt (12 Amps.) power team...both in its ability to pick up dirt and allergens and in its ability to retain them. This high performance motor has fan parts that are aerodynamically designed with no parallel surfaces and nine long fan scoops compared to the typical six shorter ones. These scoops are quite wide near the hub of the fan and become more narrow toward the outer edge similar to that of a jet engine compressor. This single stage "compressor design" optimizes the air flow and increases the overall motor efficiency. Featuring lifetime lubricated ball bearings, well balanced motor parts, enhanced motor suspension and lining of the motor housing, the Miele Red Velvet vacuum will perform quietly for many years. Due to its typical life expectancy of 1200 hours, Miele proudly warranties this motor for seven years. To learn more about this outstanding motor, see our article on the Powerful Miele Vortex Motor.

Fingertip Electronic Motor Speed Control

The S558 Red Velvet vacuum is also equipped with six different motor speed settings which adjusts the air flow to over 150 CFM, giving you complete control when you clean. This fingertip electronic speed control enables you to select the proper amount of power for cleaning anything from draperies to plush carpeting. Reducing the suction prevents curtains, upholstery or area rugs from inadvertently being drawn into the cleaning nozzle.

The Miele Red Velvet vacuums have their speed controls and motor on/off switches mounted right at your fingertips on the hose ends. The miniature indicator lights on the hose show at a glance which motor speed is selected. Also available at your fingertips is a powerbrush on/off switch so you can stop the brush roll when cleaning bare floors.

Complete Power Team with SEB 236 Powerbrush

Deluxe SEB 236 Powerbrush

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum is a complete power team including the SES 125 Direct Connect Electric Hose with fingertip speed controls, SET 210 Direct Connect Electric Wand and deluxe SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush.

A non-slip cog type belt provides positive power transfer from the 2 Amp. motor to the full size 13 3/8" revolving brush roll. Combining two rows of stiff bristles and a cog type belt with the outstanding power of the Miele canister, it will perform very well on all types of carpeted floors. Its height adjustment enables you to match the thickness of the carpet pile.

Direct Connect Hose, Wand and Powerbrush

Miele's SES 125 Direct Connect Electric Hose automatically makes the electrical connections when you insert it into the cleaner. In addition to the direct connect at the cleaner, this new SES 125 hose mates with the top of the SET 210 Direct Connect Electric Wand with its internal wiring. The bottom of this wand mates with the deluxe SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush. This electric wand even telescopes so you can easily adjust it to match your individual stature. For convenient storage, it collapses to about half its total height.

When you attach the wand to the hose and the powerbrush to the wand, all electrical connections are made automatically. Removing them is just as easy. There are absolutely no exposed cords on the hose, wand and powerbrush which need to be plugged in manually. All electrical wiring is built into them. This new direct connect feature between the electric hose, electric wand and powerbrush provides even more convenience and user friendliness. It really makes it a breeze to switch between the powerbrush, floor brush or other attachment without breaking your pace.

The electric hose has a built-in swivel at the cleaner, allowing it to swivel freely for 360° to enable you to work conveniently near the machine. This feature also reduces sideways stresses which can significantly shorten its life span, causing it to tear prematurely. Additionally, the hose itself can swivel freely within the rounded end you hold, further preventing the hose from tangling while being used. The hose itself is designed to be crush resistant for longer wear as well.

You can easily recognize the SES 125 Direct Connect Electric Hose, SET 210 Direct Connect Electric Wand and Direct Connect Powerbrush combination by the rounded hose end with speed controls and matching black steel telescopic wand. The ergonomically designed rounded hose end enables you to easily grip this new handle with minimal bending of your wrist, reducing stress and fatigue to your lower arm. This is a good example of how Miele goes to great lengths, even with small details, to ensure the quality, performance and beauty of their products.

Convenient Covered Attachment Storage

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum carries its three small attachments conveniently tucked away in the covered tool storage on the main unit where they are always easily accessible. This design reduces the risk of bumping these attachments, accidentally knocking them from the vacuum cleaner. The dusting brush has soft, natural hair bristles which will not curl and mat like synthetic ones tend to do. The upholstery nozzle has two red strips which are like the "magic lint brushes", capturing the lint, hairs and threads and then cleaning themselves on the reverse stroke.

All Three Wheels Swivel 360°

The Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaners are designed to track nicely behind you as you pull them by the hose. They are equipped with three wheels which turn a full 360° making them very easy to maneuver and very stable. Going over electrical cords, door thresholds and around furniture is a breeze. Since it can be moved in any direction, being able to easily push it out of your path when working near the machine is an added convenience.

Additional Deluxe Features

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum is designed with many deluxe features not found on other Miele vacuum cleaners nor competing brands. These include an extra large 1 1/3" (34mm) inside diameter hose, large primary filter and more bag compartment ribbing for increased air flow. The redesigned case has an extra wide wrap around bumper for improved furniture protection, more ground clearance for thicker carpets, and advanced floor nozzle parking slot which conveniently turns the suction motor off. This auto-off feature can be disabled by using the nozzle's top parking tab if you wish to store the floor nozzle in the rear slot while using another attachment.

Outstanding Warranties

Miele provides a year of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a repair which is covered by their standard One Year Limited Warranty. In addition to this, the Miele Seven Year Limited Motor Warranty provides six additional years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a suction motor repair which is covered by this warranty. These limited warranties are reduced to six months if the vacuum cleaner is used for commercial purposes.

Product Availability

The Miele S558 Red Velvet vacuum cleaners are made in Germany and sold in the U.S.A. primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Miele Canisters & Power Teams, various Miele Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Miele Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

Key Features Major Benefits
Complete Power Team This is a complete power team including their deluxe SEB 236 Direct Connect Powerbrush for efficiently cleaning all your home's surfaces.
Direct Connect Attachments The electrical connections on the electric hose, wand and powerbrush automatically are made when attaching these items. There are no external cords which must be manually connected.
Completely Sealed System Ensures that all air flow through the system reaches the high filtration exhaust filter. It also improves the cleaning performance since all air flow passes through the hose and attachments as well.
Multi-Layer Filtration System Each layer captures more particles, providing longer life and better performance of the exhaust filter.
Includes Active Certified S-Class HEPA Exhaust Filter
Retains 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 µm in size. In addition to HEPA filtration, a thin layer of activated charcoal absorbs organic gases and unpleasant odors while you clean.
Optional Active Air Clean Exhaust Filter
Features a thick layer of Activated Charcoal sandwiched between two Super Air Clean filters for outstanding odor trapping abilities. It's great for cat & dog owners.
1200 Watt Miele Vortex Suction Motor Delivers high air flow rates of over 150 CFM for very effective cleaning. Extra long life expectancy of 1200 hours exceeds most industrial motors.
Six Position Speed Control Enables you to easily select the proper amount of power for cleaning anything from draperies to plush carpeting. Fingertip operation is convenient and new LED speed indicator lights on the hose show the power level at a glance.
360° Direct Connect Swivel Hose The hose end at the cleaner has a built-in swivel, reducing wear on the hose and making it more convenient to clean near it. When using the electric hose with a powerbrush, all the electrical connections are automatically made when the hose is inserted into the cleaner.
Three 360° Swivel Wheels Tracks nicely behind you as you pull it by the hose. It also can be easily pushed it out of your path when working near the machine.
Covered Attachment Storage Carries its four small attachments conveniently tucked away in the covered tool storage where they are always easily accessible. This model also includes a telescopic crevice tool for longer reaches.
Automatic Cord Rewind Conveniently rewind the cord for storage by pushing the foot pedal on the top of the cleaner.
One Year Limited Warranty by Miele Provides a year of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a repair which is covered by this warranty.
Seven Year Limited Suction Motor Warranty by Miele Provides six additional years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a suction motor repair which is covered by this warranty. This also reflects their confidence in this machine's excellent quality.
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