Titan/Kenmore Upholstery Tools

Titan Upholstery Tools in Ristenbatt Vacuum\'s Secure Online Store. These also fit many Kenmore vacuums since both are made by Cleva North America, Inc.
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Titan Motorized Pet Pickup Tool

The brushing action by the motor driven revolving brush roll in this 5" wide Titan Pet Pickup Tool provides deeper cleaning of your upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs. This attachment is carried in a covered storage area on Titan and some Kenmore canister vacuums.   View Larger Image
Ristenbatt Price: $84.95
Code: 591012115

Titan Combo Tool
This Combo Tool is for Titan and some Kenmore canisters and power teams. The bristles in their Integrated Dusting Brushes can be removed and this tool attached for grooming pets or cleaning curtains and drapes as well as upholstered furniture.

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Ristenbatt Price: $7.95
Code: 591012119

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