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Generic 1 1/4 Inch Size Power Nozzles

Generic 1 1/4 Inch Size
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Fit-All 1 1/4" Power Nozzle by Titan

This deluxe Power Nozzle is 12" wide with bright LED headlights is designed for use on 1 1/4" diameter wands. A reinforced multi-V belt can not stretch or slip so it provides consistent power transfer to the double row brush roll over many years. This type of belt enables the power nozzle to run significantly quieter compared to those with cog type belts. This nozzle also features a height adjustment pedal with five settings, enabling it to be set for your carpet heights. The locking "handle" release pedal holds the wand upright when pausing during your cleaning task.

This power nozzle is ideal as a replacement power nozzle on many central vacuum systems as well as older Eureka vacuums. The coiled cord with two round pins is designed to be plugged into a receptacle in hose handle. This plug is considered "polarized" since two corners are beveled.   View Larger Image
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