Loss of Vacuum Cleaner Performance

While purchasing a vacuum cleaner with sufficient power for its cleaning task is important, so is selecting one which is designed to perform well with minimal loss of performance with use. The vacuum cleaners being used in most homes today are not performing to their best ability. This factor is a major contributor to the success of companies selling their cleaners by in-home demonstrations. They know that their new vacuum cleaner generally will perform better than the existing ones as discussed in our article titled "It Will Get Dirt that Your Existing Cleaner Missed." By looking for good designs in the vacuum cleaner system and performing a few minor maintenance tasks, your new vacuum cleaner can operate near its peak performance over its entire life span. The three major causes of reduced performance are reduced air flow through the filtration system, slipping belts and worn or soft bristles. As a courtesy, Ristenbatt Vacuum will perform a FREE in-store Annual Vacuum Cleaner Performance Checkup on most household vacuums, typically while their owners wait.

Take a close look at the size of the paper bag and any filter media through which the air travels. The larger the media area, the less resistance to air flow will be experienced as the bag fills and as filters become soiled. High efficiency filters which meet the stringent HEPA or ULPA filtration specification have extremely large areas so they are fan folded into cartridges small enough to fit into the cleaners. If they were flat filters like "HEPA Type" and other micron filters, their small size and resulting very high resistance would reduce the air flow substantially. It is important to have a number of prefilters before the HEPA or ULPA filter to prevent them from becoming soiled rapidly, requiring frequent replacement. This is especially important in cleaners which have a cyclonic chamber for dirt separation instead of a paper bag.

Most uprights and power nozzles use a flat stretch type rubber belt to transfer the power from the motor to the revolving brush roll. Since these will gradually stretch and slip more as time goes by, they should be replaced at least once a year to maintain good performance. Some of cleaners have non-slip cog type belts including all Lindhaus uprights and power teams, all SEBO uprights and power teams and all Aerus (formerly Electrolux) uprights and power teams. This superior design eliminates belt slippage for better carpet agitation and extends the belt life to about five to seven years.

Recent years have seen the advent of a third type of belt, the Banded V-belt. Like the cog belt, these are reinforced and can not stretch. Instead of being flat on the inside, they have about four or five miniature V shaped grooves much like the belts used on car engines. Tention produced by a steel flat spring pushing against the motor keeps them tight. Like the cog type belt, these will last a number of years before requiring replacement. Panasonic makes power nozzles with this type of belt which are used on their own canister vacuums, some Sears Kenmore power nozzles, the deluxe Hayden power nozzle as well as a few other brands.

Bristles, especially on revolving brush rolls, wear shorter and become softer with use. Some brush rolls have the bristle secured into wooden or acrylic brush rolls while others are steel with replaceable brush strips. The cost of replacing bristles in the latter type is often less expensive than replacing the complete brush roll. Well designed brush roll bearings and mounts are important, expecially with plastic or acrylic brush rolls, since bearing failure can easily cause the roll to melt and require replacement. Lower priced vacuum cleaners often have poor roll bearing designs and acrylic rolls which require more frequent replacement.

The motors in modern vacuum cleaners operate at near to their peak performance for most of their life span. They do slow slightly as they get older due to the commutator wearing and becoming slightly elliptical instead of true round. The copper used for the newer ones is much harder so this effect is minimized. The springs holding the carbon brushes against the commutator also become weaker so average current through the motor is reduced, reducing its speed of rotation and suction. Ball bearings in most vacuum cleaner motors are lubricated and sealed so they will run a long time before needing attention. If they become dry and get rough, they will add more load to the motor and reduces its performance as well.

Even the most durable vacuum cleaners require some periodic maintenance to keep them performing well. Of course, disposable paper bags need to be changed routinely. Various additional filters need to be changed from time to time in order to keep air flowing freely through them. Many vacuum cleaners with motor driven revolving brushes have rubber belts which stretch and slip more as time passes. They should be changed at least once a year to assure good power transfer to the brush roll. To obtain the best performance with the least problems, use supplies make by the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner.

Generic drugs are closely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to assure that a very high standard is maintained. In the vacuum cleaner industry there are numerous generic bags, filters, belts and brushes available but there are no high standards to which they must adhere. While some generic vacuum cleaner supplies are of good quality, many fall far short when it comes to performance and durability. There are huge variances in the construction of filter media used in making disposable paper bags and filters as well as rubber used in making belts. To obtain the best performance with the least problems, use supplies make by the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner. These are often marked with the manufacturer's logo and typically contain phrases like "Genuine Hoover" or "Genuine Eureka Product". Sorry, but deceptive phrases like "Genuine Filter Media" and "To Fit Hoover" are not good signs of quality and performance.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you also want to learn about Identifying Durable Designs & Construction and how to Match Your Tasks and Cleaning Style. A knowledgeable sales person at Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service can help you determine which vacuum cleaner system will work the best for you in your particular cleaning situation. All of them are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires.

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