Electric Broom Vacuum Cleaner

While the full sized upright, power team and canister vacuum cleaners do the bulk of the cleaning in the home, there are often voids which can be filled by the lightweight electric broom. These include the need to frequently clean the kitchen or bathroom floor as well as to quickly and easily pickup those unexpected little spills.

Electric brooms come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The typical electric broom is somewhat tubular in shape with a long handle extending from its top so it can be easily pushed around the floor to clean it. The cleaning nozzle is typically attached directly to the bottom and often incorporates wheels to aid in its movement. This category can be subdivided into two basic types, the corded ones and the battery operated ones. Each type has its special place in helping you with your house cleaning chores.

Battery Operation Aspects

The battery operated electric broom offers the convenience of being easily removed from its holder/charger unit and carried quickly to the location of the spill for quick and easy clean up. It's also convenient for giving the kitchen or bath the quick, daily touch up. The batteries usually are the rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCads) type which are trickle charged by the holder/charger unit whenever the unit is not in use. While older NiCads functioned better if discharged significantly before being recharged, development of newer ones has greatly reduced this "memory" effect so they can be recharged after each use with minimal effect on their usefulness. Vacuum cleaner motors require a large amount of electrical power to develop effective, strong suction so battery operation is limited to short periods of use and limited in the amount of mechanical power the motors can produce.

Corded Operation Aspects

Corded electric brooms can be much more effective in the removal of dirt due to the better suction produced by their more powerful motors. More extensive cleaning can also be done since run time is not limited by their power source. Electric broom motors typically draw about 2 to 6 amps of current compared to about 10 to 12 amps drawn by most full sized uprights and canisters. The effectiveness of the electric broom is enhanced by the use of short air passages to increase the air flow velocity. The air flow velocity, along with the amount of carpet agitation by the revolving brush, determines how well a vacuum cleaner will pick up the dirt.


An electric broom will enable you to perform some types of cleaning tasks quicker and easier than when using most full sized vacuum cleaners. Cordless electric brooms are convenient for cleaning your kitchen, bath or those unexpected little spills very quickly and easily but are not intended for extended use. The next time you drag your full sized vacuum cleaner out of the closet to quickly clean your kitchen or bath, stop a moment to consider whether an electric broom would clean them quicker and easier.

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