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Lindhaus PB-12 Power Nozzle for Central Vacs
Designed for heavy duty household use, this commercial quality power nozzle combines a high speed 2-row brush roll with the strong suction of your central vacuum to provide outstanding cleaning of your low to high nap carpets. Its cog type belt provides positive power transfer from its electric motor to the brush roll for effective cleaning year after year. The wand shown in the photo is not included with the power nozzle.

This 12" power nozzle mates with central vacuum systems which use the standard 1 1/4" wands with locking buttons. Purchase the similar Lindhaus PB-12 Power Nozzle - HF6 and mating Lindhaus HF6 Electric Hose if you wish to add a power nozzle to the Lindhaus HF6 canister. Also available is the wider Lindhaus 14" Power Nozzle for faster cleaning of larger areas. For similar products see our list of Lindhaus Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image
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Lindhaus PB-12 Power Nozzle for use on Central Vacuum Systems

The 12" wide Lindhaus PB-12 is designed to give a professional solution for your power nozzle needs. It is equipped with the most sophisticated technical features in the world. You'll find this amazing commercial grade unit to be loaded with many advanced features which are not available on most power nozzles.

Electronic Logic

The motor, belt and brush speed are continually monitored by a sensitive electronic control, guarding against overload while ensuring optimum performance. Incorporated into the integrated circuits are speed indicating LEDs which assist the operator in adjusting the nozzle to the most efficient brush height setting. If a large object inadvertently enters the cleaning nozzle and drastically slows or stops the brush roll and motor, the electronic control shuts the unit down instantly to prevent internal damage. It responds to these emergency situations with much greater swiftness than the mechanical circuit breakers used in many other power nozzles. Unplugging the unit while dislodging the object automatically resets the overload protection circuit. Alternately, you can simply move the wand into the vertical position to reset it.

Precision Engineered Motor

Commercial quality can be seen through out this power nozzle, especially in the construction of its motor. The ends of the armature windings are welded into the commutator, providing exceptional contact and durability. The armature, as well as the completely assembled motor, are computer balanced to reduce vibration, assuring low sound levels. Both bearings are ball bearings which are mounted in rubber boots (sleeves) to reduce the transfer of vibration to the motor frame. The motor's precision engineered design and construction, teamed with the protective electronic logic mentioned above, make it the best available in the industry.

Center Mounted, Funnel Shaped Air Intake

The center mounted air intake behind the brush roll flares out to the edges of the cleaning nozzle as it approaches the brush roll. This wide funnel shaped opening causes the air flow to be distributed quite evenly across the entire cleaning width for more efficient and uniform cleaning. This also creates a flat dirt collection area immediately behind the brush roll so dirt and grit are gathered and whisk away by the air flow before they can bounce back out of the nozzle. This substantially reduces the scatter effect which many uprights and power nozzles experience when picking up grit and small stones.

Cogged Drive Belt

The cogged drive belt provides positive power transfer from the motor to the revolving brush roll. This is accomplished by incorporating cogs (gear like ridges) into the belt's inner surface which mesh with cogged pulleys on the motor and brush roll. The belt is reinforced to prevent stretching and to resist breakage over its typical life span of at least five to seven years. Lindhaus guarantees that the belt will perform well in your home for three years. The non-slip cogged belt keeps the brush roll revolving at its normal speed year after year for maximum effectiveness.

Commercial Grade Brush Roll Supports

The extra large cast aluminum brush roll supports ensure that the brush roll is properly positioned while reducing wear and overheating of the main housing. The ball bearings which are integrated into the supports are cushioned by rubber boots (mounts) to dramatically reduce the transfer of vibration from the brush roll.

Durable and Effective Brush Roll

Effectiveness is accomplished by arranging the bristles in a 360 degree convergent format on a brush roll spinning at 5000 RPM. The steep spiral of the bristles, combined with this high speed, efficiently moves the dirt toward the dirt intake. The long wearing bristles are designed to withstand hard commercial use. For extra quiet operation, the brush roll is computer balanced after assembly and is supported by rubber cushioned ball bearings.

Product Availability

The Lindhaus PB-12 Powerbrushes are made in Italy and sold in the U.S.A. primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Lindhaus Power Nozzles, various Lindhaus Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Lindhaus Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

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Key Features Major Benefits
Electronic Logic Continually monitors the motor and brush speeds, guarding against overload while ensuring optimum performance
Precision Engineered Motor Precision commercial design and construction, including all ball bearings and superior commutator design, assure a long, dependable service life.
Center Mounted, Funnel Shaped Air Inlet More evenly distributes the air flow across the full width of the cleaning nozzle. The flat area immediately behind the brush roll gathers the dirt and grit, substantially reducing the scatter effect which many uprights and power nozzles experience when picking up grit and small stones.
Cogged Drive Belt Provides positive power transfer from the motor to the revolving brush roll for many years.
Commercial Grade Brush Roll Supports Ensure that the brush roll is properly positioned while reducing wear and overheating of the main housing.
Commercial Grade High Speed Brush Roll Effectively moves the dirt toward the dirt inlet. Materials used resist wear, even under hard commercial use.
Completely Variable Height Adjustment Adjustable for the optimum brush speed and performance as indicated by the electronic logic control.
Non-marking Rubber Tires The power nozzle can be safely and quietly used on hardwood, tile or other hard surfaced floors.
Swivel Neck Specially designed swivel neck where the wands attach provides enhanced maneuverability around and under furniture.
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