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The Bagless Self-Propelled WT described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Hoover Upright Vacuums.

Commercial Quality for Your Home

Hoover U6618-900 Bagless Self Propelled WindTunnel
Your hand movement on the Self-Propelled Control Handle will smoothly control the forward and reverse motion of the Hoover U6618-900 TurboPower 8100 Bagless WindTunnel upright, enabling you to clean precisely around your furniture without bumping into it. Powered by a 12 Amp. suction motor and equipped with the effective WindTunnel® Nozzle Design and aggressive brush roll, this is one of the top performing upright vacuums available. This vacuum is warrantied by The Hoover Company for two years.

Save on the cost of paper bags with this Hoover U6618-900 TurboPower 8100 Bagless WindTunnel upright. Its Twin Chamber® dirt container with large area HEPA filter efficiently captures the dirt and fine dust, preventing it from recirculated into your living environment.

The Hoover U6618-900 upright includes an extension hose plus a Turbine Powered Hand Tool with revolving brush roll. The brushing action provides deeper cleaning of your upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs. For similar products see our list of current Hoover Uprights with One Motor.   See also the optional accessories and supplies on the Accessories tab below.   View Larger Image
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Hoover U6618-900 WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner Introduction

Hoover, Inc. has been a leading innovator in the vacuum cleaner industry for many years. It is also one of the three oldest vacuum cleaner companies, having begun in 1908. Many years ago Hoover developed the first clean-air upright with a dial on its rear bag housing to switch between carpet cleaning and attachment use with a detachable hose. It was appropriately named the "Dial-a-matic". Incorporating a canister type motor, it created much better suction with its attachments than any other upright at that time. A number of competing companies eventually created similar clean-air uprights as well, the predecessors to many of the uprights being sold today. Hoover moved away from that design and concentrated more on the traditional upright design which tends to have better air flow for cleaning carpeted floors.

With the advent of Hoover's new WindTunnel uprights, they are again manufacturing clean-air uprights having that design's inherent benefits plus a few additional ones like their innovative WindTunnel™ nozzle design and Twin Chamber™ Bagless System with fan-fold HEPA filter. We view this as one of the best bagless upright designs available today. By combining this new bagless allergen filtration system with their unique WindTunnel nozzle design, Hoover has created an economical and effective cleaning machine. This bagless upright sits proudly at the very top of Bagless Hoover's Self Propelled WindTunnel series.

Self Propelled Reduces Cleaning Effort

Your hand movement on the Self Propelled Control Handle will smoothly control the forward and reverse motion of the Bagless Hoover U6618-900 WindTunnel Self Propelled upright, enabling you to clean precisely around your furniture without bumping into it. This new Bagless Hoover WindTunnel upright has a power driven transmission which takes a lot of the effort out of your carpet cleaning tasks.

Durable and Efficient Clean-Air Design

Automatic motor protection is an important benefit of the clean-air design used in Hoover's WindTunnel uprights. Most modern dirty-air uprights use a fairly small 3.5" to 4.5" diameter suction fan in order to make the fan chamber as small as possible. In order to provide good performance, especially when using the attachments, these powerful uprights spin their fan at an extremely high speed. Many fans in these traditional dirty-air designs just can't take the high impact from larger objects which are picked up. In many cases it's just a matter of time until a large enough object is picked up and the fan is broken.

The WindTunnel's clean-air design eliminates that problem completely by filtering the air with the fan-fold HEPA filter before it reaches the high speed suction fan. Also, this design typically produces significantly more suction, especially when the hose and attachments are used. For more about these two designs, see our article on Fan or Impeller Types & Performance.

Twin Chamber™ Bagless System

Hoover Twin Chamber™ Dirt Cup with HEPA Filter

This Hoover incorporates a fan-fold HEPA filter in a unique Twin Chamber™ bagless system to produce an efficient and economical Allergen Filtration System, eliminating the need to purchase expensive high filtration paper bags. The larger debris is trapped in the left chamber of the dirt cup by a permanent "pre-filter" metal screen, preventing it from entering the right HEPA filter chamber. The HEPA filter will collect a very high percentage of the fine dust and allergens, preventing them from recirculating into your home. This provides a high degree of motor protection typical of good "clean-air" systems. Following the motor the air is additionally cleaned by a multi-layer washable final filter. Hoover says this Allergen Filtration System traps "100% of dust mites and ragweed pollens." See our article titled "Filtration Efficiency - HEPA, ULPA, etc." for more about HEPA filtration.

Hoover Bagless HEPA Filter

The fan-fold design of the HEPA filter creates a large filter media area for reduced resistance to the air flow. This is important since it is the air flow, aided by the brushing action, which does the cleaning. The less resistance in a system, the better the air flow will be for the same suction produced by the motor. See also our article titled "Air Flow Through a Vacuum Cleaner System."

The HEPA filter is specially coated, making it and the pre-filter essentially self shedding. The filter can be easily cleaned by tapping its black end against the inside of a waste basket. You can clean it even more by rinsing the outside of the filter under a water faucet. Do not submerge the HEPA filter nor run water through the middle of it. If desired, the complete dust cup and pre-filter can be rinsed with water as well. Everything should be allowed to dry before placing them back on the vacuum cleaner.

Powerful 12.0 Amp Motor

Strong suction and rigorous carpet agitation powered by its 12.0 amp. motor combine in the Bagless Hoover WindTunnel U6618-900 to deep-clean carpet as well as all other surfaces. This is the maximum amperage rating permitted for an upright to receive UL Approval. If you see a rating higher than twelve, it probably is an Efficiency Rating or Hoover's Cleaning Performance System rating. Featuring lifetime lubricated bearings, well balanced motor parts and the inherent motor protection of the clean-air design, this vacuum's motor should perform dependably for many years.

WindTunnel™ Technology Cleans 56% Better than Dyson DC-14

Cleaning ability compared to Dyson

An important innovation is the unique patented WindTunnel technology applied to the brush roll housing. Designed almost like a housing within a housing, a "wind tunnel" with special air channels is around the primary roll housing. This design greatly reduces the scatter effect by brushing the grit, sand, etc. into this outer chamber where it is removed by the air flow. Recent tests per ASTM International F608 proved that this patented WindTunnel™ technology picks up over 56% more dirt than the Dyson DC-14. This is the only recognized industry test standard representing real life conditions in the American home. Dyson's cleaning performance is just one of the reasons why Ristenbatt Vacuum chooses to not recommend or sell that heavily advertised brand.

For a detailed description of this design and why it works so well, see our article on Cleaning Nozzle Design. This deluxe nozzle also has vinyl edge groomers on both sides to help clean right to the baseboard. The extra wide nozzle on the Bagless Hoover WindTunnel U6618-900 gives a total cleaning width of 15".

The brush roll is very effective with its two rows of fluorescent yellow bristles mounted on an auger shaped brush roll which helps move the dirt toward the nozzle's inlet. The auger shape also enhances the agitation by providing a beating effect combined with the brushing effect. A unique smoked see-through brush roll housing enables you to see the bright 2-row brush roll in action.

Brush Roll ON/OFF Switch

The revolving brush roll can easily be stopped with a flip of the brush roll ON/OFF switch, enabling you to go directly from cleaning carpet to cleaning vinyl or wood floors. This is important since a revolving brush roll can whip the small grit and dirt behind the machine before the air flow has a chance to pick it up. This Hoover WindTunnel even has non-marring soft wheels to help protect your non-carpeted floors.

The brush roll is automatically stopped when the handle is in the upright position for when you use the attachments. This prevents bed spreads, throw rugs, etc. from accidentally being caught in the vacuum cleaner while your attention is on the furniture being cleaned. This also provides a convenient way to stop the brush roll while moving furniture, etc.

Strong Suction with Attachments

Clean-air upright designs typically produces significantly more suction than their dirty-air counterparts when the hose and attachments are used. This is also the case with Hoover's WindTunnel uprights, providing plenty of suction to clean with the on-board attachments. The hose is always conveniently attached and ready to use. By having a separate short hose to the main nozzle, the distance which the air must travel when cleaning floors is significantly shortened, reducing internal resistance and increasing air flow. The hose diameter on the WindTunnel is oversize as well, further enhancing the air flow when using the attachments.

Extra Attachments

The Bagless Hoover TurboPower 8100 includes an extension hose plus a Turbine Powered Hand Tool with revolving brush roll. The extension hose is similar to the on-board hose and is able to stretch from 32" to 8 feet. When coupled to the attached on-board hose, this extra hose provides a 20' total attachment reach for easy cleaning of stairs, etc. (Two hoses combined stretch to about 15' plus two wands and the crevice tool) The revolving brush roll on the turbine powered upholstery nozzle provides the brushing action to easily remove pet hair and lint from your upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs. This powerful attachment, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle are carried conveniently in the covered attachment storage area on the front of the vacuum.

Turbine Powered Hand Tool

Hoover Turbine Powered Hand Tool

Working and cleaning like a miniature upright with its 2-row revolving brush roll, the Turbine Powered Hand Tool is ideal for deep cleaning upholstery, carpeted stairs, beds, etc. Experience cleaning with the strong suction from your Bagless Hoover WindTunnel combined with the brushing action of this turbine driven nozzle. It's much more effective than using a small hand held vacuum cleaner. You too will be excited with the convenience and performance this Turbine Powered Hand Tool has to offer. With its 3 1/2" wide revolving brush roll, using this tool is like having a miniature upright in you hand.

Far Reaching 30' Power Cord

The extra-long 30' power cord enables you to clean large areas without breaking your pace to change to a different electrical outlet. Its kinkless vinyl cover and the quick release top cord hook enable you to wrap in on the handle and remove it again with greater ease.

Hoover Cleaning Performance Rating of 31.0

Hoover rates the measure of true cleaning performance built into all their uprights to enable you to more easily compare the models within their brand. This Bagless Hoover U6618-900 TurboPower 8100 Self Propelled WindTunnel upright has received their rating of 31.0.

This Hoover Cleaning Performance System is for comparing the Relative Progressive Performance of Hoover uprights only and not for comparison with any other brands. The majority of this rating is based upon the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) carpet cleaning effectiveness testing (ASTM Test F608). Other performace factors include hose power (ASTM Test F558), surface litter cleaning, hard floor cleaning, edge cleaning, cleaning width and air filtration.

Product Availability

The Bagless Hoover U6618-900 WindTunnel Self Propelled Premium upright is sold primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Hoover Upright Vacuums, various Hoover Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Hoover Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

Key Features Major Benefits
Self Propelled Drive System Provides power drive controlled by the Self Propelled Control Handle. This enables you to smoothly control the forward and reverse motion for reduced-effort carpet cleaning.
Clean-Air Design Automatically protects the motor from damage by items picked up. Also produces significantly more suction when using the attachments.
Twin Chamber™ Bagless System Efficient and economical bagless system saves on the cost of paper bags while reducing recirculation of dust and allergens back into your home. Hoover says this Allergen Filtration System traps "100% of dust mites and ragweed pollens."
Powerful 12.0 Amp. Motor This motor produces plenty of power for any type of cleaning job. This is the maximum permitted amperage for UL Approval of an upright vacuum cleaner.
Powered Hand Tool The Turbine Powered Hand Tool with revolving brush roll. It works like a miniature upright with its revolving brush roll for deeper cleaning of carpeted stairs, upholstered furniture, beds, etc.
Extension Hose When added to the attached hose, the extension hose provides a 20' total attachment reach for easy cleaning of stairs, etc. (Two hoses combined stretch to about 15' plus two wands and the crevice tool)
Double Row Auger Type Brush Roll Provides strong and rigorous carpet agitation to deep clean all types of carpets.
WindTunnel Nozzle Housing Greatly reduces the scatter effect by brushing grit, sand, etc. into an outer roll housing where it is removed by the air flow.
Brush Roll ON/OFF Switch Conveniently go from cleaning carpet to non-carpeted floors without breaking your work pace. Automatically stopping the brush roll when using the attachments keeps objects from accidentally being caught in it.
Strong Attachment Suction Efficiently reach into those hard to clean areas without breaking your work pace. Convenient for cleaning all types of furniture, window frames, baseboards, etc.
Extra Long 35' Cord Clean large areas without breaking your pace to change to a different outlet. Easily wraps on the handle for storage and the quick release top cord hook enables fast and easy removal.
Two Year Warranty by Hoover Provides two years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a repair which is covered by this warranty.
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