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Hoover Canisters & Power Teams
S3765-040 Hoover S3765-040 Bagless WindTunnel Power Team
Features Review  | Specifications
Hoover Upright Vacuums
U6634-900 Hoover U6634-900 Bagless Self Propelled WindTunnel Upright
Features Review  | Specifications
U6618-900 Hoover U6618-900 Bagless Self Propelled WindTunnel
Features Review  | Specifications
U6436-900 Hoover U6436-900 Self Propelled WindTunnel Upright
Features Review  | Specifications
Hoover Bags
40101002 Hoover "Type R30" Bags & Filters #40101002 Archived QD*
4010002E Hoover "Type E" Bags #4010002E Archived QD*
4010046O Hoover "Type O" Bags #4010046O Archived QD*
4010074X Hoover "Type X" Bags #4010074X Archived QD*
Hoover Filters
38765023 WindTunnel Primary Filter #38765023 Archived  
43611042 Bagless Upright HEPA Filter Cartridge #43611042 Archived  
43613024 Hoover HEPA Exhaust Filter #43613024 Archived  
43613022 WindTunnel HEPA Filter - Black Frame #43613022 Archived  
43613021 WindTunnel Exhaust Filter - Frame with Seal #43613021 Archived  
38762008 Bagless WindTunnel Secondary Filter #38762008 Archived  
43611009 Wet/Dry Vac Cartridge Filter #43611009 Archived  
Hoover Belts
38528027 Standard Upright Belt #38528027 Archived  
Hoover Hoses
43434042 Extra Long Hoover WindTunnel Hose #43434042 Archived  
43434250 Extra Long WindTunnel Hose #43434250 Archived  
43434043 Extra Long Hoover Bagless WT Hose #43434043 Archived  
43434073 Bagless Hoover WindTunnel Extension Hose #43434073 Archived  
43434031 Deluxe Hoover WindTunnel Hose #43434031 Archived  
43491051 Clear Hoover Bagless WindTunnel Hose #43491028 Archived  
43491028 Clear Bagless WindTunnel Hose Archived  
Hoover Turbine Nozzles
49129008 Hoover Hand Turbine Nozzle w/Pin - 49129008 Archived  
Hoover Floor Nozzles
43414142 Hoover 9" Floor Brush - 43414142 Archived  
43414147 Hoover Deluxe 12" Hair Floor Brush w/Pin - 43414147 Archived  
Hoover Dusting Brushes
43414145 Hoover Black Dusting Brush - 43414145 Archived  
Hoover Upholstery Nozzles
3861401E Hoover 1 1/4" Gray Upholstery Nozzle Archived  
Hoover Crevice Tools
38617024 Hoover Black Crevice Tool #38617024 Archived  
Hoover Misc. Supplies & Parts
V2-Bag-Kit Paper Bag Kit for Hoover Savvy, Dual V and V2 Tech. Uprights Archived  
HEPA-Bag-Kit HEPA Bag Kit for Hoover Savvy, Dual V and V2 Tech. Uprights Archived  
38661003 SteamVac Tank Duct #38661003 Archived  

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