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The Victory Micron Exhaust Filters described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Eureka Filters.
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Two Victory Micron Exhaust Filters - Pkg. #60665
This package contains two thick micron exhaust filters which slide inside the small grey door along the side near the bottom of the vertical Victory upright body where the air is exhausted. Only one filter is used at a time. Each filter measures 4" x 3.25" x 0.25" and is white with one light green side. These filters are used on most Eureka Victory uprights which do not have "True HEPA" exhaust filters. The individual filters are know as #38755. For similar products see our list of current Eureka Vacuum Supplies.
Archived Retired Product - Not Available for Sale
Code: 60665     Mfg. Code: 60665
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