Titan HEPA Exhaust Filter - T9500 Series #591004125
This Titan HEPA Exhaust filter is designed to remove extremely small dust from the exhausted air on their T9000 series canister vacuums. This filter is especially important for folks with dust related allergies or asthma although really clean exhausted air is good for all of us. The black filter cartridge measures 5 7/8" x 4" x 7/8".

Cleva North America, Inc. makes this HEPA exhaust filter for a major national vacuums and parts distributor under its Titan brand name. Cleva also manufacturers similar Kenmore vacuums so this filter also fits and works correctly in them. For similar products see our list of Titan/Kenmore Vacuum Supplies.   View Larger Image
Ristenbatt Price: $29.95
Code: 591004125
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