Renowned for high quality products made in Germany, SEBO provides outstanding vacuum cleaners, accessories and supplies. They are especially known for their commercial quality upright vacuums which will perform effectively far into the future. Please feel free to call us toll free at 800-413-2778 for additional SEBO products not shown on our website.


SEBO Misc. Supplies & Parts
5010AM SEBO X/G 1-Pc. Brush Roll - 5010AM
5290AM SEBO X/G 2-Pc. Brush Roll - 5290AM
SEBO Special Attachments
1991AM SEBO Attachment Kit w/Parquet Floor Brush
SEBO Crevice Tools
1092DG SEBO Crevice Tool #1092DG
SEBO Upholstery Nozzles
1491DG SEBO Upholstery Nozzle #1491DG
SEBO Dusting Brushes
1387DG SEBO Dusting Brush #1387DG
SEBO Floor Nozzles
1325HG SEBO Bare Floor Brush #1325HG
1359DG SEBO 12" Deluxe Floor Brush #1359DG
6391DA SEBO 12" Parquet Floor Brush #6391DA
7200DG SEBO Premium Parquet Floor Brush - Dark Grey
SEBO Turbine Nozzles
6179DA SEBO Turbine Upholstery Nozzle #6179DA
6780ER SEBO Turbo Head Nozzle - Dark Grey
SEBO Wands
1084HG SEBO Straight Wand #1084HG
5045DG SEBO Wand w/Handle for X & G Series #5045DG
SEBO Hoses
1495AM SEBO Extension Hose #1495AM
SEBO Filters
6033AM SEBO C Series Exhaust Filter - 6033AM
2846 SEBO G Series Exhaust Filter - 2846
5143 SEBO X Series Exhaust Filter - 5143
7012ER SEBO FELIX Motor Protection Filter - 7012ER
6108AM SEBO C Series Micro/Odor Filter - 6108AM
5425AM SEBO X/G Series Micro/Odor Filter - 5425AM
6191AM SEBO C Series Hospital-Grade Microfilter - 6191AM
5036AM SEBO X/G Series Hospital-Grade Microfilter - 5036AM
6695AM Service Kit for SEBO K Series Canisters #6695AM
6198AM Service Kit for SEBO C Series Canisters #6198AM
5828AM Service Kit for SEBO X Series Uprights #5828AM
5827ER SEBO HEPA-Box Service Kit for X & G Series Uprights
7029ER Genuine SEBO FELIX Upright Disposable Fabric Bags #7029ER
6629AM SEBO K Series Disposable Fabric Bags #6629AM - Pk. of 8
5093AM Genuine SEBO Paper Bags #5093AM - Pk. of 8
SEBO Upright Vacuums
FELIX 9808AM SEBO White FELIX Vacuum Cleaner - 12" Wide Upright
FELIX 9809AM SEBO Rosso FELIX Vacuum Cleaner - 12" Wide Upright
9807AM SEBO FELIX Onyx Vacuum Cleaner - 12" Wide Upright
9591AM SEBO G1 Vacuum Cleaner - 12" Wide Upright
9592AM SEBO G2 Vacuum Cleaner - 15" Wide Upright

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