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The SEBO X2 Automatic Upright described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of SEBO Upright Vacuums.

Commercial Quality for Your Home

SEBO X2 Automatic S-Class 15" Upright
This SEBO X4 Automatic 15" upright is designed to make cleaning a breeze while providing outstanding performance and convenience over an extended life span. Its commercial quality and design are ideal for heavy duty household cleaning. On-board attachments enable you to catch those corners and small surfaces without breaking your pace. It even electronically senses and actively adjusts its height to match your carpeted and non-carpeted floors.

This upright's S-Class filtration system is quite cost efficient as well, using relatively low cost paper bags and filters to provide outstanding net filtration which meets the stringent HEPA specification. This makes it ideal for those suffering from dust related allergies or asthma. For similar products see our list of current SEBO Uprights with One Motor.   View Larger Image
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SEBO Automatic X2 S-Class 15" Upright Introduction

The SEBO Automatic X2 S-Class upright is designed for customers who desire a long-lasting trouble-free upright that will provide very high filtration and a cleaner home environment. It boasts many convenient features including an easy-to-change paper bag, active automatic height adjustment, removable brush roll and on-board attachments that are always ready to use. Performance is enhanced by a powerful 2-fan motor, non-slip cog belts and efficient high filtration system. This is a truly commercial quality upright which will provide many years of outstanding performance in your home.

Multi-Layer System Provides S-Class Net Filtration

Having a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter doesn't guarantee that the exhausted air will actually meet that stringent standard. Quite a few with HEPA exhaust filters are not completely sealed so they can have significant dust leakage through seams in their cases, greatly reducing the beneficial effects of their HEPA filters. Dust leakage can be a major problem for those with dust related allergies or asthma.

The SEBO Automatic X2 upright has multiple layers of filtration media in a completely sealed system. This very efficient filtration system consists of a large three layer paper bag, large area electrostatic Micro-Hygiene-Filter and an extremely fine foam exhaust filter. While no specific filter is called a HEPA filter, the net filtration of the complete vacuum meets the stringent S-Class (HEPA) specification with an efficiency greater than 99.97% at 0.3 µm (micrometers - formerly microns). For particles 1 µm and larger, the filtration rate is 100%. Net filtration is derived from testing the complete vacuum cleaner in operation versus the filter media alone. This is important for your home because it is the only rating system that measures total equipment filtration efficiency.

S-Class is a designation used by Europeans to indicate that a filter or system meets stringent standards like the British Standard 5415 and German norm: DIN 2418B Ti-E EU 13 for filtration performance. It is essentially the same as the HEPA specification in the USA.

Low Operating Costs

Most HEPA filters need to be replaced every six or twelve months at an operating cost of about $1.00 per week. SEBO reduces your operating costs by incorporating a high efficiency paper bag and lower cost filters to create a very efficient S-Class filtration system without using an expensive HEPA filter. SEBO recommends replacing the tubular Micro-Hygiene-Filter and fine foam exhaust filter whenever you use twenty paper bags. To help you with this, they have a Service Kit available which contains ten paper bags, one Electrostatic Micro-Hygiene-Filter and one fine foam exhaust filter all for only $69.99. The additional ten paper bags which you need between filter changes can be purchased in a Box of 10 Paper Bags for only $34.99. The cog type belts are not considered as part of the operating costs since they are designed and constructed to last the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Convenient On-Board Attachments

Hose & Wand on SEBO X-Series

The SEBO Automatic X2 upright carries its attachments conveniently on-board with the hose and wand always attached and ready to use. A unique wand on this SEBO upright stores most of the stretch hose inside it. This dramatically shortens the air flow path to provide better air flow when cleaning carpets. The wand also has a special handle so it is very easy to remove from the upright to catch those hard to reach corners. Alternately, you can simply pull the hose out of the wand and use the attachments directly on the hose end.

For more versatility, consider adding the optional Attachment Kit with Parquet Floor Brush for $99.99.}" >. This includes a 9.2' extension hose which connects to the attached hose to provide a total attachment reach of at least 14.5'. An Extension Wand and Parquet Floor Brush are also included in this kit to make cleaning non-carpeted floors a breeze. The extension hose also works very nicely for cleaning your stairs while keeping the upright safely at the bottom. For carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture, consider the optional SEBO Hand Turbine Upholstery Nozzle for $64.99.}" >.

Easy to Change Paper Bags

Easy Bag Changing on SEBO X-Series

Are you tired of struggling to replace your vacuum's paper bags? With the SEBO Automatic X2, changing them is a breeze. Struggle no longer trying to fit a cardboard with hole over a tube hidden by the paper bag while trying not to tear the bag. With SEBO, you don't even need to bend over. Simply unlatch and remove the bag chamber lid from the vacuum and the paper bag comes along with it. Place a green dust seal disk into the hole in the green plastic bag top and slip it out of the holder. Just as easily, slide a new bag into the holder and replace the lid on the vacuum. That's all there is to it. It couldn't be easier and more dust free!

Durable and Efficient Clean-Air Design

A key feature that the SEBO Automatic X2 uprights incorporate is the clean-air system design. The air flow which picked up the dirt is cleaned by the three layer paper bag and electrostatic Micro-Hygiene-Filter before it passes through the fans of the suction motor. This design eliminates fan breakage problems which can be caused when objects are picked up by a dirty-air system. Also, it typically produces significantly more suction, especially when the hose and attachments are used. For more about these two designs, see our article on Fan or Impeller Types & Performance.

Two-Stage Suction Motor

A quiet, powerful two-stage suction motor provides exceptional air flow for cleaning all types of floors and for above-the-floor cleaning with the on-board attachments. The use of two fans pulling together reduces the sound level and maintenance costs by allowing the motor to operate at a lower speed. This motor, with its all metal construction and ball bearings, is rated for 800 hours of use so it should give dependable service for more than 10 years. This very quiet vacuum is rated at a sound level of 66dB A. The SEBO Automatic X2 upright is rated at 69" of Water Lift (172mbar) and 89 CFM of air flow while drawing only 6.8 Amps. from your home's electrical system.

Durable and Effective Brush Roll

Effectiveness is accomplished by arranging the bristles in a 360 degree convergent format on the brush roll. The steep spiral of the bristles, combined with its high speed, efficiently moves the dirt toward the dirt intake. The long wearing bristles are designed to withstand even hard commercial use. This vacuum will even tell you when the brushes need to be replaced by lighting the "check brush" indicator.

Removing Roll from SEBO X-Series

You can very easily and quickly removed the brush roll to replace it or simply remove wrapped hair and thread from it. Simply press the release button on top of the nozzle to remove the nozzle end plate. Then twist the brush roll slightly and slide it out through that opening. Replacing it is just as easy. This is a very nice feature for those dealing with long human or pet hair which wraps on any revolving brush roll. There even are raised thread guard rings at the roll's ends which prevent hair and thread from getting into the bearings by flipping over the ends of the roll.

Automatic Active Height Adjustment

The SEBO Automatic X2 upright electronically monitors its system's performance including the brush roll speed. This same circuit actively adjusts the vacuum's nozzle height to perfectly match your carpeted and non-carpeted floors. This active height adjustment is performed full time by an independent electric motor which raises and lowers the cleaning nozzle. Indicator lights on the nozzle's top show when the nozzle is automatically being raised or lowered as needed.

When the handle is moved to the vertical position for using the attachments, the nozzle is automatically raised up so the brush roll isn't constantly brushing on the same spot. This is also helpful when you want to pause a moment to move a piece of furniture without turning off the cleaner. When you lower the handle again, the nozzle will automatically lower to the exact height for optimum cleaning.

Cog Type Drive Belts

Easy Bag Changing on SEBO X-Series

The cog type drive belts provide positive power transfer from the motor to the revolving brush roll. This is accomplished by incorporating cogs (gear like ridges) into the belt's inner surface which mesh with cogs on the pulleys of the motor and brush roll. The belts are reinforced to prevent stretching and to resist breakage over their entire life span. These non-slip cog belts keep the brush roll revolving at its normal speed year after year for maximum effectiveness. The two cog belts on this SEBO are so well designed and protected that SEBO warranties them for the life of the vacuum.

Fast Hybrid Overload Protection

Since the SEBO Automatic X-2 Upright uses its powerful suction motor to also drive the brush roll with non-slip cog type belts, a special electronic/mechanical hybrid design had to be developed to prevent damage to the motor and belts should the brush roll be stopped instantly.

SEBO's unique mechanical system incorporates a spring loaded sensor pulley to absorb some of the torque plus a friction clutch which can slip to protect everything should you accidentally catch a carpet edge, bed spread, sock, etc. in the nozzle. This allows the brush roll to stop instantly while the motor keeps running without damaging it nor the belts. In normal use, this special clutch does not slip so the SEBO Automatic X2 will have positive power transfer from the motor to the revolving brush roll year after year.

The special sensor pulley contains magnets which induce current into a pickup coil to continually monitor the brush speed electronically. This enables the same circuits to automatically adjust the nozzle height to match your floor covering and to provide very fast overload protection for the vacuum. If a large object inadvertently enters the cleaning nozzle and drastically slows or stops the brush roll, the electronic system turns the motor off within a few seconds to prevent internal damage. Unplugging the unit while dislodging the object automatically resets the electronic overload protection circuit.

Low Flat-to-the-Floor Profile

SEBO Automatic Low Profile

Have you notice how high many newer upright with on-board attachments are? As Americans, we tend to think that bigger and bulkier are better but the European seem to know better. The SEBO X-Series and G-Series uprights are excellent examples of European uprights that combine low profiles with outstanding performance and durability. The upholstery nozzle and crevice tool are even carried in recessed areas on the back to the vacuum so it can go flat to the floor as shown above. This is especially nice for reaching far under your beds and furniture with a required clearance of only 5.5".

SEBO takes convenience one step further, enabling you to select if you want the handle to stop when it is half way down. Most uprights permanently have this catch so the nozzle can be lifted to go across a carpet edge or threshold but this can be a nuisance when frequently going under low furniture. A simple slide near the pivot point enables you to select whether this handle catch active or not.

Outstanding Warranties.

SEBO 5-Year Warranty Logo

When used for private household purposes, if a SEBO vacuum cleaner fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship (excluding wear parts) within one year from the date of purchase, SEBO will guarantee its repair or replacement, at SEBO's discretion, at no cost to the customer for either labor or non-wear parts. SEBO will continue to guarantee all non-wear parts for a period of three years from the date of purchase. In addition to this, SEBO provides a Five Year Limited Motor Warranty with all SEBO Automatic X-2 uprights purchased for private household use. This provides additional years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a repair which is covered by this motor warranty. See the SEBO Warranty for more details.

Product Availability

The SEBO Automatic X2 S-Class uprights are made in Germany and sold in the U.S.A. primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of SEBO Upright Vacuums, various SEBO Accessories & Attachments and Genuine SEBO Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

Key Features Major Benefits
S-Class Filtration System The S-Class system retains over 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 µm in size. For particles 1 µm and larger, the filtration rate is 100%.
Low Operating Costs Obtain efficient S-Class filtration without the need to replace expensive HEPA filters every six to twelve months.
Strong Attachment Suction Efficiently reach into those hard to clean areas without breaking your work pace. Convenient for cleaning all types of furniture, window frames, baseboards, etc.
Clean-Air Design Automatically protects the motor from damage by items picked up. Also produces significantly more suction when using the attachments.
Powerful 2-Stage Motor This motor produces plenty of power for any type of cleaning job. It has quieter operation with improved suction from two fans pulling together.
Cog Type Drive Belts Provide positive power transfer from the motor to the revolving brush roll for many years of effective cleaning.
Double Row Brush Roll Provides strong and rigorous carpet agitation to deep clean all types of carpets. This brush roll provides active edge brushing on both sides.
Active Height Adjustment Automatically adjusts the nozzle to the optimum height for cleaning all types of carpeted and non-carpeted floors.
Extra Low Profile Reach far under your beds and furniture with a low required clearance of only 5.5".
System Status Lights Indicators on the nozzle top alert you to check for a full bag, blockage, or brush roll problem. Other lights show when the nozzle is being automatically raised or lowered.
One Year Labor Warranty by SEBO Provides a year of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of labor to do repairs which is covered by this warranty.
Three Year Parts Warranty by SEBO Provides three years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of non-wear parts which is covered by this warranty.
Five Year Limited Suction Motor Warranty by SEBO Provides additional years of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a suction motor repair which is covered by this warranty. This reflects their confidence in this machine's excellent quality.
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