Miele Vortex Motor

Miele Vortex Motor vs. Previous 2-Fan Motor

  • 1200 watts vs.1100 watts
  • 26% increase in maximum suction
  • 111" of water lift vs. 88" of water lift
  • 10% increase in maximum air flow efficiency
  • 29% decrease in weight (3.439 lbs vs. 4.85 lbs = 1.5 lbs)
  • 20% increase in typical life expectancy to 1200 hours

How the Miele Vortex Motor is Designed

In keeping with Miele's promise of "Immer Besser", meaning "Forever Better", Miele created the Miele Vortex motor for use in their canister and S7 series upright vacuums. For years they have been known for their high performance, durable canister vacuums with powerful 2-fan suction motors. While most manfacturers downsized their motors to single fan versions to save costs over the years, Miele and a few other manufacturers continued using the more efficient 2-fan motors, prefering to provide higher performance to their customers. Traditionally, these canister motors used fans which were a constant height from hub to rim. With this configuration a 2-fan motor typically develops about 1/3 more suction compared to its 1-fan counterpart, even at the same amperage rating.

Miele Vortex Motor Fan

The new Miele Vortex motor is an outstanding model of "thinking out of the box." They designed it with all new fan parts that are aerodynamically designed with no parallel surfaces and nine long fan scoops compared to the typical six shorter ones. These scoops are quite wide near the hub of the fan and become more narrow toward the outer edge similar to that of a jet engine compressor.

This single stage "compressor design" optimizes the air flow and increases the overall motor efficiency. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the fan and its chamber, Miele also increased the power of the motor itself from 1100 watts to 1200 watts. By incorporating these features into the new Miele Vortex motor, Miele has produced a suction motor which develops 111" of water lift instead of the 88" of water lift developed by the 2-fan motor that they had been using. The maximum air flow efficiency has even increased by 10%.

Beyond redesigning the fan and its chamber, armature and field, Miele changed the overall layout and construction of the motor. The motor brushes have been moved forward so they are directly behind the fan and before the armature and field, where the air is the coolest. This extends their life by keeping them operating cooler. The motor housing is made from a high tech material called Duroplast which resists temperature and vibration effects while reducing the overall weight of the motor.

The Miele Vortex motor is another shining example of their making good on their promise of "Immer Besser." It is now 1 1/2 pounds lighter but having a 26% increase in maximum suction, 10% increase in maximum air flow efficiency and a typical life expectancy of 1200 hours.

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