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Miele Electro Plus SEB 228 Direct Connect Powerbrush
This Miele Electro Plus direct connect powerbrush model SEB 228 is designed for consistant, aggressive brushing action to deep clean all heights of carpets. Positive power transfer to the brush roll is provided by a cog belt which can't stretch nor slip. A special two-way swivel in the wand connector makes this powerbrush very easy to steer and maneuver for greater ease of use.   See also the Owner's Manual by Miele, Inc.

This powerbrush direct connects with the optional SET 220 and SET 210 wands which have all internal electrical connections. It can be used as a direct replacement for the SEB 236, SEB 234 and SEB 226 powerbrushes. When purchased from Ristenbatt Vacuum this powerbrush can be used as an upgrade or replacement for additional models by selecting your powerbrush that is being replaced. This selection enables us to ensure that what you receive will mate perfectly with your hose and wand.

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Miele SEB 228 Electro Plus Powerbrush

To deep clean plush carpeting as well as low to medium nap carpets, you need one of Miele's deluxe powerbrushes. The wand connector, with a two-way swivel, mates with the SET 210 and SET 220 Telescoping Electric Wands to provide the electric needed to run the nozzle's motor. When you attach the wand to the hose and the powerbrush to the wand, all electrical connections are made automatically. Removing them is just as easy. There are absolutely no exposed cords on the hose, wand and powerbrush which need to be plugged in manually. All electrical connections are internal. This newer direct connect feature and all internal wiring provides even more convenience and user friendliness.

A non-slip cog type belt provides positive power transfer from the 1.3 Amp. motor to the full size 13 3/8" revolving brush roll. Many power nozzles have three thin strips that cross the brush roll, making it hard to remove wrapped hair around and under them. Not so with this one. The brush roll opening is open all the way from left to right, making it much easier to clean. It even has two-step raised rings at both ends to prevent wrapped hair, threads, etc. from flipping off the edge into the bearings and belts. Combining two rows of stiff bristles and a cog type belt with the outstanding power of the Miele canister, this nozzle will perform very well on all types of carpeted floors. Its 5-position height adjustment enables you to match the thickness of any carpet pile. Large rear wheels enhance the ease of use on thicker carpets. This is one of only a few power nozzles that can clean the newer super-soft carpets without burying itself in the nap, making it almost impossible to clean them. Having all soft wheels plus a squeege blade behind the brush roll opening, this power nozzle can be used on non-carpeted floors as well. If a large object inadvertently enters the cleaning nozzle and drastically slows or stops the brush roll and motor, its motor overload protector reacts quickly to shut off and protect the belt and brush motor.

The SEB 228 also has a convenient quick disconnect at the bottom of the wand for easily switching from the powerbrush to a different floor nozzle for cleaning you non-carpeted floors. You can even use the powerbrush to clean small areas of bare floors by stopping the powerbrush motor and brush roll with a flip of the finger-tip powerbrush switch on the hose.

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