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The Direct Connect Powerbrush described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Miele Power Nozzles.

Miele CX1 Bagless Canister

Miele SEB 217-2 Direct Connect Powerbrush
The SEB 217-2 powerbrush is equipped with long, soft bristles for your more delicate carpets. It is designed to clean low to medium nap carpets. The cog type belt provides positive power transfer from its motor to the brush roll. The elbow has two tabs which hold this nozzle more securely in the parking slots on the Miele S500i and S600i series canisters. It can also be used instead of the SEB 217 powerbrush which is the same except it has only one tab on the elbow. It also mates perfectly with the parking slots on the Miele vacuums in their S300i and S400i series canisters.   See also the Owner's Manual by Miele, Inc.

This powerbrush direct connects with the optional SET 210 and SET 220 wands for the newest setup with all internal electrical connections. When replacing your SEB 217-2 powerbrush, consider purchasing an SEB 236 or SEB 228 powerbrush from Ristenbatt Vacuum for more efficient and easier cleaning.

Miele has discontinued this powerbrush. The closest available product is the SEB 217-3 powerbrush but it does not mate with the parking slot on vacuums that included the SEB 217-2. For similar products see our list of current Miele Vacuum Accessories.   See also the optional accessories and supplies on the Accessories tab below.   View Larger Image
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Code: SEB 217-2     Mfg. Code: SEB 217-2
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Miele SEB 217-2 Powerbrush

If you have only low to medium nap carpets, the Miele SEB 217-2 Powerbrush will improve the Miele canister's carpet cleaning ability sufficiently over the Deluxe Rug and Bare Floor Nozzle #SBD 285-2. A non-slip cog type belt is used to provide positive power transfer from the 0.5 Amp. motor to the 10 1/2" revolving brush roll. The belt and brush roll are similar to those in the Miele Turbobrush.

This newer SEB 217-2 Powerbrush is the same as the SEB 213-2 Powerbrush except for its wand connector with internal wiring. The wand connector, with a two-way swivel, mates with the SET 210 and SET 220 Telescoping Electric Wands. When you attach the wand to the hose and the powerbrush to the wand, all electrical connections are made automatically. Removing them is just as easy. There are absolutely no exposed cords on the hose, wand and powerbrush which need to be plugged in manually. All electrical connections are internal. This new direct connect feature and all internal wiring provides even more convenience and user friendliness. You can even use the powerbrush to clean small areas of bare floors by stopping the powerbrush motor and brush roll with a flip of the finger-tip powerbrush switch on the hose. To supply the electricity needed to run the motor, you will also need an optional electric hose and mating SET 220 direct connect wand.

This powerbrush can also be used instead of the SEB 217 powerbrush which is the same except it has only one tab on the elbow. It also mates perfectly with the parking slots on the Miele vacuums in their S300i and S400i series.

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The Miele SEB 217-2 Powerbrushes are made in Germany and sold in the U.S.A. primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Miele Power Nozzles, various Miele Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Miele Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

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