Miele Limited Warranties

Miele Limited Warranties for Vacuum Cleaners
Effective March 2, 2020

For many years different parts of Miele vacuum cleaners have had different lengths of warranty coverage. An exanple of this is seven years on the motors and main casings and one year on the complete vacuums. On March 2, 2020 Miele, Inc. switched to using one computer system for all of their operations, replacing three separate systems. This upgrade will improve their ability to serve their dealers and retail customers around the world.

While this change in computer systems is a good improvement, the new system lacks the ability to have more than one warranty associated with each product. As a result, effective March 2, 2020, Miele vacuum cleaners will have only one warranty which will cover the complete vacuum. Most model series have at least one special HomeCare model limited to in-store sales only. These models are designed to provide better values than those sold on the web so they have a Five Year Limited Warranty for the complete vacuum. An exception to this is the new TriFlex HomeCare model which has a Three Year Warranty.

Warranties for the complete vacuum based on the model series:
1 YearsClassic C1 Models
1 YearsSwing H1 Models
2 YearsCompact C1 Models
2 YearsCompact C2 Models
2 YearsScout Robots
2 YearsTriFlex Models
3 YearsComplete C2 Models
3 YearsComplete C3 Models
3 YearsDynamic U1 Models
3 YearsBlizzard CX1 Models
Read your vacuum's manual for addtional warranty details. It will take some time before the manuals packed with vacuums that are being purchased reflect this change.


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