Lindhaus Vacuum Accessories

Manufactured in Italy, Lindhaus vacuum cleaners, accessories and supplies are known for their efficiency and durability. See also the Generic 35mm Attachments for additional attachments to fit Lindhaus vacuums. Please feel free to call us toll free at 800-413-2778 for additional Lindhaus products not shown on our website.
Lindhaus Vacuum Accessories


Lindhaus 35mm to 1 1/4" Tool Adapter
This steel 5 3/4" long attachment adapter fits on Lindhaus upright hoses and wands to enable the use of standard USA 1 1/4" attachments. These include attachments on Shop-Vac, Eureka, many Electrolux models and some Hoover uprights plus various other USA brands. You will find a number of attachments for use with this adapter described on our Attachments to fit American Standard Size Vacuums page. SEBO uses a different size so this adapter can not be used with their vacuums.
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Code: 095-L

9' Long 35mm Extension Hose with Straight Attachment End
Extend the reach of your vacuum cleaner with 35mm size attachments by 9' with this Lindhaus extension hose. Its great for stairs and reaching into areas where your vacuum can't go. The one end mates with your existing hose and the other straight end mates with 35mm attachments. This hose works nicely to extend the reach of Lindhaus and Miele uprights to clean a full flight of stairs.

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Code: 9FT-35MM-MI     Mfg. Code: 086700081

Backpack Strap for Upright #086750000
Most Lindhaus uprights can also be used as a backpack by removing the handle and carpet nozzle and attaching this Backpack strap. In has straps with pads that
pass over your shoulders and attach to the top and bottom of the vacuum where the handle and power nozzle attach.   View Larger Image
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Code: 086750000

Black Stretch Hose #030860300
This Black Stretch Hose is standard on later Lindhaus uprights. It is 29" long when relaxed but stretches to its maximum of 66". This is the length needed to run from the hose inlet on the top of the bag housing, looping up behind the handle to the top of the Black Telescopic Wand mounted along the side of the bag housing.
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Code: 030860300

Black Telescopic Wand #030550300
This Lindhaus telescopic wand is adjustable from 20.5" to 35.5" for ease of use and compact storage. It is constructed of rigid but slightly flexable black plastic, making it quite durable while being gentle with your walls and furniture.

This is the standard wand on many Lindhaus uprights. It mates with all Lindhaus hoses and attachments.

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Code: 030550300

Dusting Brush w/Swivel #030490310
This Lindhaus dusting brush is designed for cleaning hard surfaces above the floor. It is oval with long, soft bristles. The swivel enables you to angle the head 90° for cleaning ledges and the tops of door and window frames.
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Code: 030490310

Grey Upright Hose #080200081
This Grey Upright Hose was standard on earlier Lindhaus HealthcarePro HEPA uprights. It is 47" long with black ends on a grey crush resistant hose section. This is the length needed to run from the hose inlet on the top of the bag housing, looping up behind the handle and then down along the side of the bag housing.
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Code: 080200081

Lindhaus HF6 Floor Brush w/Felt #083042281
Expand the flexibility of your Lindhaus HF6 canister by adding this floor brush with snap-on felt pad. The bristles are designed for cleaning uneven or smooth bare floors. For better results on smooth floors, the snap-on felt pad acts like a dry mop with suction.
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Code: 083042281

Lindhaus HF6 Wheeled Nozzle #082922281
This is the floor nozzle which is packaged with the Lindhaus HF6 canisters and power teams. It has wheels to carry the downward pressure on the nozzle. The brush strip & squeege aid in cleaning both bare floors and carpets .
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Code: 082922281

Lindhaus HF6/DCS Metal Telescopic Wand
This Lindhaus HF6 & DCS canister telescopic wand is adjustable to match your stature for more comfortable use. It is constructed of tubular steel, making it quite durable. The steel locking button mates with the power nozzle connecter. This wand does not have wiring inside to supply electric to the power nozzle so the cord from the power nozzle is plugged manually into the hose handle and may be clipped onto this wand. The old number for this wand is 011990013.
Ristenbatt Price: $49.95 Visit Store
Code: 011990013

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