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Upright 10" Hair Floor Brush #1502-M
This Deluxe Floor Brush for use on Miele Powerhouse uprights is 10" wide and 1 1/2" deep, having natural hair bristles around its parimeter. While this floor brush is not made Miele, it is manufactured to fit and work perfectly in their upright wands. A floor brush on your upright hose and wands will clean much better than using the main upright nozzle on your bare floors.

This floor brush will not fit the Miele Little Giant nor the Universal, S7 and U1 Uprights. The floor brush's elbow fits inside your vacuum's plastic wand.   View Larger Image
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Universal Dusting Brush w/Swivel #SUB 20
This new Miele Dusting Brush with Swivel #SUB 20 is great for cleaning all hard surfaces including ledges and cabinet tops. Its long sleek design enables it to cover larger areas with a sideways sweeping motion. The tapered area with bristles is 2" wide and 6" long with 7/8" long, soft bristles. The main body is flexible vinyl so it is like having a bumper all over it to protect your furniture.   View Larger Image
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Code: SUB 20     Mfg. Code: SUB 20

Miele Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand #06058222
This Miele 3-Section Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand is very convenient with its large latch release pads and adjustable height to match your stature. It is 45 3/4" long when fully extended and 22 3/8" long collapsed. When fully extended it is 5" longer than Miele's standard 2-Section Telescopic Wand. The stainless steel construction keeps it working smoothly for years to come, even in high humidity areas. This wand is also known by #06058220.
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Code: 06058222

Miele Stainless Steel Wand with Latch #09266001
This 20" Miele Stainless Steel Wand will look and work well for years to come even in high humitity areas. The large latch release pad near its top makes it easy to remove from the hose or wand while the square hole near its bottom permits additional wands or floor nozzles to latch firmly in place. This wand works well for extending your reach of a Miele U1 or S7 upright vacuum when attached to your existing wand.   View Larger Image
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Code: 09266001

Miele SF-H 10 HEPA Filter for H1, S140 to S168 & S194 Uprights
The completely sealed system in the Miele S140 to S168 Little Giant, Universal Uprights and S194 & H1 Quickstep or Tactical, when equipped with a Certified HEPA Filter, will retain 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mite droppings and other allergens as small as 0.3 ?m in size. This filter is highly recommended for those who have dust related allergies or asthma.   View Larger Image
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Code: 04714432     Mfg. Code: SF-H 10

Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean Filter for S300 to S600, S2, S7, and Classic C1 Series
This special SF-AA 30 exhaust filter combines a thick layer of Activated Charcoal and two electrostatic filters to provide heavy duty trapping of unpleasant odors. This is recommended of pet owners who desire better odor control. The filtration systems in Miele vacuums, when equipped with this exhaust filter, will provide outstanding filtration plus excellant odor control. It only needs to be replaced approximately once a year. A special "Timestrip" provides a visual indication of when the filter should be replaced. This filter is also known as #9616080.
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Code: AA-30     Mfg. Code: SF-AA 30

Radiator Brush #SHB 30
This Miele radiator brush is designed to attach to the end of the Miele 22" Flexible Crevice Tool for cleaning the old fashioned radiators. It also fits on all Miele crevice tools. It extends the reach by about 5" and adds brushing action with a 1" diameter "bottle brush" which wraps around its tip.   View Larger Image
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Code: SHB 30     Mfg. Code: 09660490

Miele Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
This genuine Miele round dusting brush with natural hair bristles is designed for cleaning hard surfaces above the floor. The swivel enables you to angle the head 90° for cleaning ledges and the tops of door and window frames. The 0.75" long bristles form a 2.25" outside diameter circle.   View Larger Image
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Code: 05387401     Mfg. Code: SSP 10

Miele Deluxe Upholstery Nozzle #05512320
This 5" wide Miele upholstery nozzle is designed for cleaning upholstered furniture, drapes and carpeted stairs with your Miele canister or S7 series upright. The 3" wide red "magic lint brush" strips on the front and rear edges provide outstanding lint and hair cleaning performance. These red strips automatically release the lint and hair with use so the air flow can carry them into the vacuum cleaner.   View Larger Image
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Code: 05512320

Miele TurboTeQ STB 305-3 Turbobrush
This Miele TurboTeQ STB 305-2 Turbobrush is equipped with a brush roll having short, stiff brushes that are significantly more aggressive than in the Miele STB 205-3 Turbobrush for cleaning all carpets heights. The cog type belt provides positive power transfer from its turbine to the brush roll. This Turbobrush will fit and work well on all Miele canister vacuums. It has a long tab on its elbow to mate with the parking slots on the Miele S2, S4, S5, S6, S8, C1, C2 and C3 series canister vacuums.   View Larger Image
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Code: STB 305-3     Mfg. Code: STB 305-3