Universal Dusting Brush w/Swivel #SUB 20
This new Miele Dusting Brush with Swivel #SUB 20 is great for cleaning all hard surfaces including ledges and cabinet tops. Its long sleek design enables it to cover larger areas with a sideways sweeping motion. The tapered area with bristles is 2" wide and 6" long with 7/8" long, soft bristles. The main body is flexible vinyl so it is like having a bumper all over it to protect your furniture.

This genuine Miele attachment is designed to work well with all Miele canister hoses and wands where the attachments fit over them. The enlarged section of the connector will fit over the electrical receptical on the dark grey electric wands or mating electric hose handles, protecting it.

All Miele vacuums in their S4 series as well as the Ariel and Pisces in the S5 series have the option of removing the hose handle and attaching the hose directly to this attachment, producing a nice, more flexible configuration. This universal dusting brush will also fit well on the Miele S7 upright series wand but will not fit tightly on its hose. It will not fit the Miele Powerhouse uprights since their attachments fit inside the hose. For similar products see our list of Miele Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image
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Code: SUB 20     Mfg. Code: SUB 20