Eureka products have been popular for many years, having been manufactured by the Eureka Company, one of the three oldest vacuum companies in the USA. Then on April 1, 2004 The Eureka Company became part of a new company named Electrolux Home Care Products North America to better reflect its parent company, The Electrolux Group, Sweden. In December, 2016 the Electrolux Group divested the Eureka brand to Midea Group Co., Ltd.while retaining the Sanitaire brand. Then in August 2018 the Sanitaire Division was sold to Bissell, Inc. See the Sanitaire Products List for commercial quality vacuums as well as additional household vacuums, attachments and supplies.


Eureka Canisters & Power Teams
6996A Eureka 6996A "True HEPA" Oxygen Power Team Archived  
6992A Eureka 6992A "True HEPA" Oxygen Power Team Archived  
6991A Eureka 6991A "True HEPA" Oxygen Canister Archived  
6984A Eureka 6984A "True HEPA" European Power Team Archived  
6982D Eureka 6982D European Power Team Archived  
Eureka Bags
58623 Eureka Filteraire "AA" Bags #58623 Archived QD*
57697 57697 - Eureka Filteraire "C" Bags Archived  
57695 57695 - Eureka Filteraire "F&G" Bags Archived  
57695B Eureka Premium Filteraire "F&G" Bags #57695B Archived QD*
61820 Eureka Filteraire "LS" Bags #61820 Archived QD*
60296 60296 - Eureka Filteraire "MM" Bags Archived  
57698 Eureka Filteraire "V" Bags #57698 Archived  
60296B Eureka Premium Filteraire "MM" Bags #60296B Archived QD*
52326 52326 - Eureka "Style S" Bags Archived  
61115 Eureka Filteraire "RR" Bags #61115 Archived QD*
57802 Eureka Filteraire "U" Bags #57802 Archived QD*
57698A Eureka Premium Filteraire "V" Bags #57698A Archived QD*
158 "Style AA" Bags to fit Eureka Archived QD*
52329 Eureka "Style B, S & M" Bags #52329 Archived QD*
60655 Eureka "Style BB" Bags #60655 Archived QD*
52318 Eureka "Style C" Bags #52318 Archived QD*
60284 Eureka "Style EX" Bags #60284 Archived QD*
52320 Eureka "Style F&G" Bags #52320 Archived QD*
52323 Eureka "Style H" Bags #52323 Archived QD*
61515 Eureka "Style J" Bags #61515 Archived QD*
58624 Eureka "Mega" Bags #58624 Archived QD*
60295C Eureka "Style MM" Bags #60295C Archived QD*
57988 Eureka "Style N" Bags #57988 Archived QD*
61230 Eureka "Style OX" Bags #61230 Archived QD*
61555 Eureka "Style T" Bags #61555 Archived QD*
54310 Eureka "Style U" Bags #54310 Archived QD*
52358 Eureka "Style V" Bags #52358 Archived QD*
58183 Eureka "Style Y" Bags #58183 Archived QD*
Eureka Filters
38755 38755 - Victory Micron Exhaust Filter Archived  
39345 Bagless Foam Cone Filter - 39345 Archived  
39292 Victory & WhirlWind Filter #39292 Archived  
61053 Eureka Washable "True HEPA" - HF1 in Blue Frame Archived  
60696 60696 - WhirlWind Cassette Filters Archived  
61690 Micron Exhaust Filter in Green Frame MF1 #61690 Archived  
61805 Bagless Cone Filter - Style DCF-2 - 61805 Archived  
61940 WhirlWind Filters - 2 Cassette plus 2 Secondary Archived  
60665 Two Victory Micron Exhaust Filters - Pkg. #60665 Archived  
39334 Victory & WhirlWind Filter #39334 Archived  
60801 Micron Rear Exhaust Filters - Pk. of 2 - #60801 Archived  
54777 Micron Exhaust Filter & Holder #54777 Archived  
Eureka Belts
61120 Eureka "Style U" Extended Life Flat Upright Belts #61120 Archived  
54312 Eureka "Style U" Flat Upright Belts #54312 Archived  
52201B 52201B - Eureka Power Nozzle Belts Archived  
Eureka Wands
54723 Eureka Extension Wand #54723 Archived  
58728A Eureka Nested Wands #58728A Archived  
Eureka Power Nozzles
1373 Eureka 1373 "Express Series" Power Nozzle
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Eureka Floor Nozzles
54779 Deluxe Eureka Floor Brush #54779 Archived  
54309-7 Deluxe Eureka Floor Brush #54309-7 Archived  
Eureka Dusting Brushes
54781 Deluxe Square Duster #54781 Archived  
54784 Duster/Upholstery Tool #54784 Archived  
54505-3 Small Square Dusting Brush #54505-3 Archived  
53359-5 Deluxe Square Duster #53359-5 Archived  
61037 Duster/Upholstery Tool #61037 Archived  

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