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The Express Series Power Nozzle described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Eureka Power Nozzles.

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Eureka 1373 "Express Series" Power Nozzle
This is the most deluxe Eureka power nozzle featuring a steel brush roll with replaceable brush strips, beater bars which also stiffen the bristles, large easy rolling wheels and a bright headlight. It is significantly better designed and constructed than the Eureka "World Vac Series" power nozzle. The steel wand in the photo is optional as listed below.

This power nozzle has been replaced by the Sweep n Groom model E1386K-1 power nozzle which is the same except for no headlight. For similar products see our list of current Eureka Vacuum Accessories.   See also the optional accessories and supplies on the Accessories tab below.   View Larger Image
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Eureka 1373 Express Series Power Nozzle

The Eureka Express Series power nozzle is the best they have ever made. It was initially used on their Express Series power teams that were made for many years before being replaced by the current World Vac Series. In a number of ways it is significantly better than the World Vac Series power nozzle that is with some of their current power teams. Only Eureka deluxe central systems currently include this very deluxe power nozzle.

Between 1909 and today, this pioneering company has gone through a number of name changes from the Eureka Williams Company to The Eureka Company to its current name of Electrolux Home Care Products North America. For more information on this company's name changes, see "The Electrolux-Eureka-Sanitaire Connection."

Durable Construction

This power nozzle is designed to withstand hard use and still keep going. The main base is molded from a very tough plastic while the main cover is made of durable ABS plastic. The motor is well protected by its full-case design to prevent accidental damage to its internal parts. It is the only power nozzle currently being made which has a durable steel brush roll with replaceable brush strips. The bearings, while being sleeve types, are well designed to reduce problems caused by dirt, hair, etc. Should wear occur, any part of the brush roll can be replaced to reduce the maintenance costs.

Effective Brush Roll

View of Brush Roll The brush roll is very effective with its two rows of long, thick bristles. Their performance is further enhanced by the presence of stiffener bars immediately behind the rows of bristles. This enhances the agitation by providing a beating effect combined with the brushing effect.

Quieter Operation

Due to the design of the brush roll, its bearing mounts and the main housing, this power nozzle will continue to operate at low noise levels. On Eureka's less deluxe World Vac Series power nozzle, we have noticed that the vibration and noise levels increase substantially after being used for a year or two, something we haven't experienced on this power nozzle.

Convenient Bare Floor Switch

A foot operated bare floor switch allows the user to stop the revolving brush roll for use on non-carpeted floors. This is especially convenient for those having area carpets with bare floors surrounding them or those with small areas of bare floors near their carpeted areas. Some Express Series power nozzles do not have built-in bare floor switches since they are intended to be used with electrified hoses which have finger tip operated switches.

Full Width Headlight

The headlight design provides illumination across the full cleaning path for easier vacuuming during the evenings or in areas of reduced ambient light.

Product Availability

The Eureka Express Series power nozzles are sold in the U.S.A. primarily through their network of independently owned vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Eureka Power Nozzles, various Eureka Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Eureka Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

Key Features Major Benefits
Durable Construction Provides years of dependable operation with low maintenance costs.
Efficient Brush Roll Deep clean all your carpets and fluff the carpet nap for a fresher appearance.
Quieter Operation Continues operating quietly even after years of use.
Bare Floor Switch Allows the user to conveniently clean non-carpeted areas without breaking their cleaning pace.
Full Width Headlight Easily clean in low light conditions during evenings, etc.
Automatic Height Adjustment No need to stop and adjust the height for each carpet. The nozzle's front simply glides over the top of the carpet, automatically adjusting to its thickness.
Replaceable Parts Reduces maintenance costs by replacing brush strips or bearings, not the complete brush roll.
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