Zoom Search

Instructions for Creating our Custom Search File named ristenbatt_zoom_search_mobile.php:

1) Go to http://www.ristenbatt.com/xcart/pages.php?pageid=421 to display the page to be saved. This uses the file named "zoom_search_mobile.html" in the "/xcart/skin1/pages/en" directory.

2) Save As: "Webpage, HTML only" with the file name "ristenbatt_zoom_search_mobile.html" in the same directory as X-Cart.

3) Open that file with VEDIT or Notepad, remove the page heading in the <H1> tags plus all lines between the "Insert text..." markers and add the text from the file /xcart/skin1/mobile/zoom_search.tpl and save with the "php" suffix.

4) If needed, edit "ristenbatt_zoom_search_mobile.php" to remove the "<CR>" at the ends of some lines. Highlight the block and use Edit, Convert, DOS to UNIX commands in VEDIT to do this.

5) FTP the file named "ristenbatt_zoom_search_mobile.php" that was created to the /xcart/ directory on the website.

6) Test "Advanced Full-Site Search" on our website to ensure that all is working well.