WindTunnel Exhaust Filter - Frame with Seal #43613021
This genuine Hoover WindTunnel Cartridge Exhaust Filter fits in a door on the side of the vacuum. It consists of fanfold filter media in a black plastic cartridge. (This frame was originally white.) The cartridge measures 10 15/16" x 3 3/8" x 1/2". This design provides a large filter media area for reduced resistance to air flow while producing a high level of filtration.

There is a seal around the perimeter of the frame which seals against the opening in the vacuum's body. While this looks similar to the WindTunnel HEPA Exhaust Filter, Hoover makes no claim that it filters to that stringent specification. For similar products see our list of Hoover Vacuum Supplies.

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Code: 43613021     Mfg. Code: 43613021