Wet/Dry Vac Cartridge Filter #903-04-7
This fanfold cartridge filter provides a large filter media area for dry pickup. It is 6 5/8" high with a steel enclosure plate on one end and a thick rubber seal on the open end. A metal grill around the inside reinforces the filter media. The seal has a 7 3/16" outside diameter and 5 3/4" inside diameter. For a larger diameter filter cartridge that is open at both ends, see the Shop-Vac Cartridge Filter #903-9800.

This is the standard filter size used in most wet/dry utility vacuums, including those made by Shop-Vac Corporation, but it will not fit in some brands which use unique proprietary sizes. An example of this is the Hoover Wet/Dry Vac Cartridge Filter. For similar products see our list of Generic Wet/Dry Vacuum Supplies.
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Code: 903-04-7