Service Kit for SEBO X7 and X8 Uprights #51828ER
This SEBO Service Kit contains eight Genuine SEBO high filtration white fabric UltraBags™ plus the Hospital-Grade Microfilter, SEBO Exhaust Microfilter and Nozzle Sealing Strip Blade to keep your SEBO Automatic X7 or X8 upright performing well. The white fabric filter media used to construct the SEBO UltraBag cleans the air much better plus enables greater air flow compared to their previous paper bags. Also included are eight green disks to seal the paper bag inlets before removing them for disposal.

Also available are boxes of Genuine SEBO UltraBags which contains eight high filtration bags and sealing disks. SEBO recommends alternating between purchasing Boxes of Eight Bags and purchasing the Service Kits so you can change the filters whenever you use sixteen bags. For similar products see our list of SEBO Vacuum Supplies.
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Code: 51828ER     Mfg. Code: 51828ER