SEBO Canister Turn & Clean Parquet Floor Brush
This SEBO Turn & Clean floor brush is specifically designed for cleaning Parquet floors although it works well on all non-carpeted floors. It is 12" wide having brush strips around its edges. Notches in the brush strip allow dirt to easily enter the nozzle.

The 38mm wand connector with latch has a 2-way swivel which enables the brush to turn 180 degrees to the left or right similar to a swiffer or old fashioned dry mop as the wand is twisted. This action makes the attachment very agile to easily clean around closely spaced furniture. You can even slide it sideways into narrow spaces.

This floor brush latches onto SEBO canister wands. While it will fit on a SEBO FELIX upright by removing the motorized carpet nozzle, that configuration is not recommenced since it does not have wheels to support the vacuum's weight. See also the Turn & Twist Parquet Floor Brush to fit SEBO Uprights which can be used on all SEBO upright wands. For similar products see our list of SEBO Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image
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Mfg. Sugg. Price: $54.99
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