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The Panasonic 14" PowerWave described on this page has been discontinued by its manufacturer. We are providing this archived page for your information only. For current products, please see our List of Panasonic Upright Vacuums.
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Panasonic MC-V5745 Power Wave 14" Upright
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Code: MC-V5745
Mfg. Code: MC-V5745
This Panasonic PowerWave upright provides features like a 14" nozzle with edge brushing on both sides, Rug/Bare Floor switch, on-board attachments with the hose always ready to use, high filtration Micron paper bags and a bright headlight at a budget minded price.
This Panasonic PowerWave upright provides features like a 14" nozzle with edge brushing on both sides, Rug/Bare Floor switch, on-board attachments with the hose always ready to use, high filtration Micron paper bags and a bright headlight at a budget minded price.   For similar products see our list of current Panasonic Uprights with One Motor.

Panasonic MC-V5745 Power Wave Vacuum Cleaner Introduction

Panasonic is a leading edge company offering well designed vacuum cleaners with many advanced features. The MC-V5745 is an good example, combining style with functionality and durability to create an outstanding upright in its price range.

QuickDraw On-Board Attachments

The QuickDraw On-Board attachments enable you to conveniently clean you furniture and those hard-to-reach corners without slowing you pace. The wire reinforced stretch hose extends to give an 11' attachment reach for those high ceilings, etc. If you need an extra long reach, Panasonic now offers an optional Extension Stretch Hose to extend your total reach to 17 feet. The QuickDraw feature enables you to quickly remove the hose and wand in one easy step. The small attachments are always conveniently nearby on the side of the vacuum cleaner as well.

Efficient 6 Stage, HEPA Type Filtration

The filtration system with a HEPA Type filter helps reduce recirculation of dust and allergens back into your home. A high filtration two-ply Micron paper bag and a secondary foam rubber filter clean the air before it enters the motor. Following the motor the air is additionally cleaned by the final multi-layer HEPA Type filter. This multi-layer filtering system enhances the filtering ability while extending the filter media's life span. Keep in mind that this Panasonic upright does not have a completely sealed system so the stringent HEPA specification may not be met by it. For more information about HEPA filtration, see our article on Filtration Efficiency - HEPA, ULPA, etc.

Durable and Efficient Clean-Air Design

A key feature which all Panasonic uprights incorporate is the clean-air system design. The air flow which picked up the dirt is cleaned by the filtering system before it passes through the fan of the suction motor. This design eliminates fan breakage problems which can be caused when objects are picked up by a dirty-air system. Also, it typically produces significantly more suction, especially when the optional hose and attachments are used. For more about these two designs, see our article on Fan or Impeller Types & Performance.

Powerful 12.0 Amp Motor

Strong suction and rigorous carpet agitation powered by its 12.0 amp. motor combine in the Panasonic MC-V5745 to deep-clean carpet as well as all other surfaces. Featuring lifetime lubricated ball bearings and well balanced motor parts, it will perform quietly for many years. The track record of Panasonic motors is one of the best in the industry.

Like most uprights, the Panasonic MC-V5745 has a 1-fan motor. Panasonic also manufacturers more powerful uprights in a special series which have their more efficient 12 amp., 2-fan Triforce motors that develop significantly more suction. Panasonic is playing a game of "Hide and Seek" with their policy of not selling the models in this special series to dealers who promote them on the web. See our Triforce Motor Page for a link to Panasonic's website to learn more about the models in this special series.

The maximum amperage permitted for UL Approval of an upright vacuum cleaner is 12.0 Amps. If you see a rating higher than that, it probably is an Efficiency Rating.

Convenient Rug/Floor Switch

Bare Floor Option

The revolving brush roll can easily be stopped with a flip of the Rug/Floor switch, enabling you to go directly from cleaning carpet to cleaning vinyl or wood floors. This is important since a revolving brush roll can whip the small grit and dirt behind the machine before the air flow has a chance to pick it up. This switch also functions to stop the brush roll during the time you use the attachments. This prevents bed spreads, throw rugs, etc. from accidentally being caught in the vacuum cleaner while your attention is on the furniture being cleaned.

Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment

All Panasonic uprights have automatic carpet height adjustments. The weight of the main housing is carried on the two rear wheels, allowing the fairly light nozzle to float on the top of the carpet. This design makes them very maneuverable around furniture as well as convenient when going from one carpet to another. When the handle is moved to the vertical position for using the attachments, the agitator is automatically raised out of the carpet nap. This is helpful as well when you want to pause a moment to move a piece of furniture without turning off the cleaner.

Product Availability

The Panasonic MC-V5745 Power Wave Series vacuum cleaners are made in Mexico and marketed through their network of retail stores and vacuum cleaner specialty stores like Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service. We also promote and sell additional models of Panasonic Upright Vacuums, various Panasonic Accessories & Attachments and Genuine Panasonic Dustbags, Filters & Supplies.

Please feel free to call toll free at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for more details and information on this and additional models. All of our salespeople are also skilled technicians who are very knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be happy to talk with you regarding your various vacuum cleaner needs, preferences and desires. We are a vacuum cleaner specialty store providing outstanding customer service to all who purchase from us.

Key Features Major Benefits
QuickDraw On-Board Attachments Efficiently reach into those hard to clean areas with the long 11' reach of the on-board attachment set. Convenient for cleaning all types of furniture, window frames, baseboards, etc. Clean extra high areas or stairs with the optional extension stretch hose.
Six Stage Filtration System with HEPA Type Filter Greatly reduces recirculation of dust and allergens back into your home. Filtering is enhanced by the use of a HEPA Type exhaust filter.
Clean-Air Design Automatically protects the suction motor while allowing for quieter operation. Also produces significantly more suction, especially when the optional hose and attachments are used.
12.0 Amp. Motor Produces plenty of power for any type of cleaning job. This is a very durable all-metal motor.
Rug/Floor Switch Conveniently go from cleaning carpet to non-carpeted floors without breaking your work pace. Stopping the brush roll when using the attachments keeps objects from accidentally being caught in it.
Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment Move easily from one carpet to another. Convenient for moving furniture without stopping the motor.
Thermal Protector Prevents the motor from overheating should the main air flow drop too low due to a blockage.
Bright Headlight Clean easily in low light conditions during evenings, etc.
Long 25' Cord Travel far with the vacuum cleaner without needing to stop and change the cord to another electrical outlet.
One Year Limited Warranty by Panasonic Provides one year of peace of mind, knowing that you will not have the expense of a repair which is covered by this warranty.


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