Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners

This Miele Stick Vacuum category contains Miele's HX1 Triflex Stick vacuum cleaners which were launched on August 1, 2020. These very powerful cordless vacuums bring a new level to convenience and performance to cleaning your living areas. With run times up to one hour per charge you have plenty of time for this task. Being bagless and having lifetime filters, the ongoing cost of supplies is eliminated.

All five vacuums are the same except that the Pro and Cat & Dog versions have HEPA 13 exhaust filters instead of the Hygiene exhaust filters. The Cat & Dog version includes the aggressive SEB 23 Compact Electrobrush which is great for upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs. The Pro version includes an additional li-ion battery, charging cradle and charger to provide double the available run time.

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