Miele SFS 10 Extension Hose
This SFS 10 Extension Hose stretches to enable you to reach 5 feet further with your Miele non-electric hose. It is used by removing your hose's curved handle, attaching the SFS 10 to your hose and then attaching the removed curved handle to the end of the extension hose. When not being used the silver hose collapses into the semi-rigid dark gray jacket and snaps closed. A short section of the silver stretch hose is visible in the photo since it is not completely closed. This extension hose is also known by part #07252210.

The SFS 10 Extension Hose mates with Miele non-electric hoses which have two tabs near the curved hose handle which can be easily depressed with your thumb and finger to removal the handle. For similar products see our list of Miele Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image
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Code: SFS 10     Mfg. Code: 7252210