Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner
The Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine is powered by the Miele Vortex motor and teamed with the SEB 228 Powerbrush. This Miele vacuum cleaner is a complete 1440 watt Power Team. Popular features include the bagless system with large area dust filter, Direct Connect Electric Hose with Deluxe Handle, STB 101 Hand Turbobrush, lifetime HEPA AirClean filter, high air flow, direct connect SEB 228 Powerbrush and its quiet operation.br />
A very nice feature is the direct electrical connections on the Direct Connect Electric Hose, SET 220 Direct Connect Electric Telescopic Wand and SEB 228 Direct Connect Powerbrush.

The Blizzard Cat & Dog vacuum is ideal for pet owners with any combination of vinyl and hardwood floors as well as large carpeted areas. Strong suction and high air flow provide outstanding cleaning performance. The vacuum itself is also known as SKCE0.   See also the Product Description Sheet and Owner's Manual by Miele, Inc.  

We are out of stock of this vacuum and more are not expected from Miele until January 2022 or later. However, you can purchase the black Lightning PowerLine model and add the STB 101 Hand Turbine nozzle for $25 less than this vacuum. The only difference then is the color.   For similar products see our list of Miele Canisters w/Power Nozzles.   See also the optional accessories and supplies on the Accessories tab below.   View Larger Image
Ristenbatt Price: $899.00 Visit Store
Mfg. Sugg. Price: $999.00
Code: 10829410     Mfg. Code: 41KCE043USA