Miele AH 50 Active Certified HEPA Filter for S4, S5, S6 & S8 Series
This Genuine Miele Certified HEPA Exhaust Filter #SF-AH 50 combines a Certified HEPA Filter with a thin layer of Activated Charcoal to provide simultaneous HEPA filtration and trapping of unpleasant odors. By meeting the stringent "HEPA 12" specification, it is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. This filter should be replaced every 12 months with typical household use.

The completely sealed systems in Miele S4000, S5000 and S8000 series canisters, when equipped with Active Certified HEPA Filters, will retain 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mite droppings and other allergens as small as 0.3 ?m in size. This filter is highly recommended for those who have dust related allergies or asthma. This filter fits in the same place as the Active Air Clean or Super Air Clean Filter. You can not use more than one exhaust filter at the same time.

Since Miele has replaced this filter with an improved one, please see our list Current Miele Filters. For similar products see our list of current Miele Vacuum Supplies.   View Larger Image
Archived Retired Product - Not Available for Sale
Code: AH-50     Mfg. Code: SF-AH 50