Genuine Panasonic UB-3 Belts #MC-243B
Genuine Panasonic Type UB-3 Belts to keep your Panasonic upright performing well. Contains two flat stretch type belts which should be changed at least once per year to keep your upright cleaning well. They are used on uprights which have one flat and one round belt with an idler pulley between them. For Panasonic upright models MC/MC-V62** and 66** except MC-6601 and MC-V6602. (** denotes digits 00 to 99)

Panasonic has replaced this belt package with their MC-V245B package containing two Type UB-7 belts. If you need the round belt, see Package MC-V241B which contains one UB-2 round and one UB-7 (formerly UB-3) flat belt.

These belts have been discontinued completely by Panasonic. The Hoover Industrial Round Belt #044783AG which works well as a substitute. For similar products see our list of current Panasonic Vacuum Supplies.
Archived Retired Product - Not Available for Sale
Code: MC-243B     Mfg. Code: MC-243B