Genuine Miele AirClean Bags Type F, J, M
Genuine Miele 3D AirClean Bags & Filters Type FJM to keep your Miele performing well with improved air flow. The box contains 4 White AirClean FilterBags with Red Mounting Collar, 1 Electrostatic Pre-motor Filter and 1 Super Air Clean exhaust filter. These Miele 3D AirClean bags are an improved version of the former Miele bags #05588921 and #09338520.

Constructed with an intricate web of three-ply random-spun polymer fibers plus floating baffles, far more tiny particles and allergens are retained than with conventional paper bags. Air flow is also improved significantly, especially as the bag fills.

For use in Miele S250, S300, S500, S4000, S6000, Compact C1 and Compact C2 series canisters and power teams. If you have a Miele S400, S600, S2000, S5000, S8000, Classic C1, Complete C2 or C3 series canister or power team, you need the Miele AirClean G, N Bags with blue collar instead of this one. For similar products see our list of Miele Vacuum Supplies.   View Larger Image
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Code: 07291640     Mfg. Code: 10123220