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White VacPan Kit #VP WH
This White VacPan mounts in the recessed area at the base of your kitchen cabinets or in baseboards to provide the ultimate in convenience for a central vacuum system. Simply brush your dry spill over to the VacPan, activate it with your foot and your powerful central vac wisks the debris away.

To attach to a pipe coming up through the floor, you will also need one Short 90° Elbow #2004-1, one Sweep 90° Elbow #2001-1 and a short section of pipe. If mounting in an existing structure, you may need to make the opening larger than what the face plate will cover. The White QuickTrim Kit is designed to add the finishing touch to the installation. The VacPan and QuickTrim are made in Canada but not by Hayden. They are designed for any central vacuum system which uses 2" pipes.
Archived Retired Product - Not Available for Sale