Bagless Hoover WindTunnel Extension Hose #43434073
This Black Wire-Reinforced Stretch Hose is used on the Hoover Bagless WindTunnel Self-Propelled uprights manufactured October 2002 or before. (The first four digits of your serial number show the month and year See also Hoover's Info Sheet.) If later, you need the hose #43434042.

The machine end has a groove into which the latch ring on the vacuum hose inlet clips. The attachment end fits over the Hoover WindTunnel wands and attachments. This end also has a latch ring which will clip into the groove of another of these hoses to provide a 20' total attachment reach. (Two hoses stretched to about 15' plus two wands and the crevice tool) This hose can be used as the on-board attached hose or extension hose. It will not fit the new Hoover Savvy, "Dual V" nor "V2 Technology" WindTunnel uprights.

Similar Hoses: If the hose on your Bagless Hoover WindTunnel has pins which lock into the vacuum inlet, you need the #43491051 on-board hose or #43434043 extra long hose instead of this one.

If you have a Hoover Savvy, "Dual V" or "V2 Technology" Windtunnel you need the #43434042 extra long extension hose or #43434031 standard extension hose, otherwise, if your WindTunnel uses paper bags, then you need the #43434031 on-board hose or #43434042 extra long hose instead of this one. For similar products see our list of current Hoover Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image

Archived Retired Product - Not Available for Sale
Code: 43434073