The water-based filtration system makes Sirena a fundamentally superior total home cleaning system. Air passing through it is water-washed plus cleaned by a stringent HEPA 12 filter before returning fresh and clean into your environment. Water never clogs the way bags do. Sirena cleans 100% of the time — at 100% efficiency.

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Sirena Canisters & Power Teams
S10NA Sirena Home Cleaning System with Power Nozzle
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Sirena Filters
S10-300 Sirena HEPA Exhaust Filter
Sirena Floor Nozzles
S10-100 Sirena 12" Natural Hair Floor Brush
Sirena Dusting Brushes
S10-110 Sirena Natural Hair Dusting Brush
Sirena Upholstery Nozzles
S10-120 Sirena Upholstery Nozzle with Furniture Brush
Sirena Crevice Tools
S10-130 Sirena Crevice Tool
Sirena Special Attachments
S10-500 Sirena Inflation Tool
Sirena Misc. Supplies & Parts
FRAG1 Sirena Four Bottle Fragrance Pack
S10-600 Sirena Ocean Breeze Deodorizer


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