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Vacuum Accessories



Generic 1 1/4 Inch Size Power Nozzles
E1386K-1 "Eureka Express Style" Sweep n Groom Power Nozzle
Features Review  | Specifications
Miele Hoses
9FT-MIELE-EXT 9' Extension Hose to fit Miele Archived  
6179762 Miele SES 125 Electric Hose Archived  
Lindhaus Hoses
MIS-2000 HF6 Electric Hose #MIS-2000 Archived  
Hoover Hoses
43434042 Extra Long Hoover WindTunnel Hose #43434042 Archived  
43434250 Extra Long WindTunnel Hose #43434250 Archived  
43434043 Extra Long Hoover Bagless WT Hose #43434043 Archived  
43434073 Bagless Hoover WindTunnel Extension Hose #43434073 Archived  
43434031 Deluxe Hoover WindTunnel Hose #43434031 Archived  
43491051 Clear Hoover Bagless WindTunnel Hose #43491028 Archived  
43491028 Clear Bagless WindTunnel Hose Archived  
Nilfisk Hoses
017205-40 Nilfisk Electric Hose #017205-40 Archived  
Generic 1 1/4 Inch Size Hoses
46951 Extra Long Extension Hose - 46951 Archived  
Miele Wands
SET 210 Miele Direct Connect Electric Wand #SET 210 Archived  
09265991 Miele Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand #09265991 Archived  
05308460 Miele Stainless Steel Lower Wand #05308460 Archived  
04040806 Powerhouse Extension Wand #04040806 Archived  
Lindhaus Wands
030100310 Curved Wand Handle #030100310 Archived  
Eureka Wands
54723 Eureka Extension Wand #54723 Archived  
58728A Eureka Nested Wands #58728A Archived  
Miele Power Nozzles
SAB 100-3 Miele Accu Nova Electro Brush with 2 Batteries & Charger Archived  
SEB 226 Deluxe Miele SEB 226 Direct Connect Powerbrush Archived  
SEB 224 Deluxe Miele SEB 224 Powerbrush with External Cord Archived  
SEB 217-2 Miele SEB 217-2 Direct Connect Powerbrush
Features Review  | Specifications
SEB 213-2 Miele Electro Comfort SEB 213-2 Powerbrush with Cord
Features Review  | Specifications
SEB 213 Miele SEB 213 Powerbrush with External Cord Archived  
Eureka Power Nozzles
1373 Eureka 1373 "Express Series" Power Nozzle
Features Review  | Specifications
Miele Turbine Nozzles
STB 205-3 Miele Turbo Comfort STB 205-3 Turbobrush
 | Specifications
STB 205-2 Miele Turbo Comfort STB 205-2 Turbobrush
 | Specifications
Hoover Turbine Nozzles
49129008 Hoover Hand Turbine Nozzle w/Pin - 49129008 Archived  
Miele Floor Nozzles
SBD 650-3 Deluxe AirTeQ Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle #SBD 650-3 Archived  
SBD 550-3 Deluxe Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle #SBD 550-3 Archived  
SBD 450-3 Deluxe Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle #SBD 450-3 Archived  
SBD 285-2 Miele Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle #SBD 285-2 Archived  
SBB Parquet-2 Miele Parquet Floor Brush #SBB Parquet-2 Archived  
SBB 235-3 Miele Standard Floor Brush #SBB 235-3 Archived  
SBB 235-2 Miele Standard Floor Brush #SBB 235-2 Archived  
Eureka Floor Nozzles
54779 Deluxe Eureka Floor Brush #54779 Archived  
54309-7 Deluxe Eureka Floor Brush #54309-7 Archived  
Hoover Floor Nozzles
43414142 Hoover 9" Floor Brush - 43414142 Archived  
43414147 Hoover Deluxe 12" Hair Floor Brush w/Pin - 43414147 Archived  
Miele Dusting Brushes
04312791 Miele Oval Dusting Brush w/Swivel #04312791 Archived  
Eureka Dusting Brushes
54781 Deluxe Square Duster #54781 Archived  
54784 Duster/Upholstery Tool #54784 Archived  
54505-3 Small Square Dusting Brush #54505-3 Archived  
53359-5 Deluxe Square Duster #53359-5 Archived  
61037 Duster/Upholstery Tool #61037 Archived  
Hoover Dusting Brushes
43414145 Hoover Black Dusting Brush - 43414145 Archived  
Nilfisk Dusting Brushes
115305 115305 - Crevice Brush Archived  
Miele Upholstery Nozzles
7" Upholstery Tool Miele Deluxe 7" Wide Upholstery Nozzle - SPD 10 Archived  
A2791134 Miele Powerhouse Upright Upholstery Noz. #A2791134 Archived  
Panasonic Upholstery Nozzles
AC62RYUZV06 Panasonic Uphol. Nozzle #AC62RYUZV06 Archived  
Hoover Upholstery Nozzles
3861401E Hoover 1 1/4" Gray Upholstery Nozzle Archived  
Hoover Crevice Tools
38617024 Hoover Black Crevice Tool #38617024 Archived  
Miele Special Attachments
41996530D Miele CarCare Accessory Case #41996530D Archived  
41996403 Miele CarClean Set Plus #41996403 Archived  
41996087 Miele SMC 20 MicroSet #41996087 Archived  
06622030 Miele Hygiene Cap Canister Hose Inlets Archived  
Hayden Special Attachments
7650962133 Thin Knit Hose Sock for Central Vacuum Hose #7650962133 Archived  
3585-2 Hayden 6' SuperHose Cord #3585-2 Archived  
Generic Commercial Special Attachments
B000331 1 1/2" Hose to 1 1/4" Adapter - #B000331 Archived  

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