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Brands for Central Vac Inlets, Elbows, etc.
107100051 1/4 Pint PVC Cement #107100051 Retired
20GA2-100 20 Guage Low Voltage Wire #20GA2-100 Retired
QT BL Black QuickTrim Kit #QT BL Retired
VP BL Black VacPan Kit #VP BL Retired
4000-00 Hayden "Where There's A Wall There's a Way" Booklet Retired
2033-1 Hayden 90 Short Tee #2033-1 Retired
QT IV Ivory QuickTrim Kit #QT IV Retired
3117-3 Hayden Ivory Standard 1-Inlet Kit #3117-3 Retired
3317-3 Hayden Ivory Standard 3-Inlet Kit #3317-3 Retired
3175-3 Hayden Ivory SuperValve 1-Inlet Kit #3175-3 Retired
793375 Hayden Ivory SuperValve 3-Inlet Kit #3375-3 Retired
791760 Hayden Ivory SuperValve w/Plate #791760 Retired
VP IV Ivory VacPan Kit #VP IV Retired
Miele Parts & Miscellaneous Supplies
03766500 Miele Angular Hose Handle Cover for SES 100, SES 105, etc. Retired
Brands for Central Vac Inlets, Elbows, etc.
QT WH White QuickTrim Kit #QT WH Retired
3117-1 Hayden White Standard 1-Inlet Kit #3117-1 Retired
793317W Hayden White Standard 3-Inlet Kit #3317-1 Retired
3175-1 Hayden White SuperValve 1-Inlet Kit #3175-1 Retired
793375W Hayden White SuperValve 3-Inlet Kit #3375-1 Retired
VP WH White VacPan Kit #VP WH Retired
Hoover Misc. Supplies & Parts
V2-Bag-Kit Paper Bag Kit for Hoover Savvy, Dual V and V2 Tech. Uprights Retired
HEPA-Bag-Kit HEPA Bag Kit for Hoover Savvy, Dual V and V2 Tech. Uprights Retired
38661003 SteamVac Tank Duct #38661003 Retired
Hayden Misc. Supplies & Parts
8748-00-GSK Hayden Filter Retainer Disk Retired


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