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45° Short Spigot #765518W
This white 45° Short Spogot is designed to couple a pipe and an elbow or wye together where that angle is needed. Two of these are often used with a 45° Double Wye #752145 where two in-line branches join with a main pipe line at a 90° angle.

If a line were drawn through the center of the curve, it would form a 45° arc with a 1" radius. One opening is female to mate with the standard "Schedule L" thin wall PVC pipe while the other is male to mate with an elbow, tee, wye, etc. For similar products see our list of Generic Central Parts & Components.   View Larger Image
Ristenbatt Price: $1.75
Code: 2009-1     Mfg. Code: 765518W
Ristenbatt Vacuum
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