12" Wide Eureka/Sanitaire Floor Brush #39205B-1
This deluxe genuine Sanitaire/Eureka European style floor brush is 12" wide and 2.5" deep, having nylon brush strips with long bristles along the front and back edges of the nozzle. Wheels on the sides between the brush strips carry the weight and downward pressure on the nozzle, allowing the bristles to glide on the floor without being flattened. Notches in the front brush strip allow dirt to easily enter the nozzle.

This nozzle is more deluxe than the floor brush which comes with most Eureka canisters and power teams. The elbow mates with all Eureka and Sanitaire canister steel and plastic wands. It even has a small hole to mate with the locking pin on a power nozzle wand. The elbow also has a 2 5/8" long tab to mate with the parking slot on Eureka and Sanitaire canisters made in Europe and sold here in the USA.

Also available is a generic European Floor Brush with natural hair bristles but without the tab and locking hole on the elbow. For similar products see our list of Eureka Vacuum Accessories.   View Larger Image

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Code: 39205B-1