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Full Site Search Results

Instructions for Creating our Custom mnoGoSearch Template File named search_mobile.htm:

1) Uncheck the "Cache categories block" in the online Flyout Menus module.

2) Go to http://www.ristenbatt.com/xcart/pages.php?name=mnogosearch_mobile to display the page to be saved. This uses the file named "mnogosearch_mobile.html" in the "xcart/skin1/pages/en" directory.

3) Save As: "Webpage, HTML only" and save it as "saved_mnogosearch_mobile_page.htm" in the "c:\web\mnogosearch" folder.

4) Copy everything ABOVE the line at the top of these instructions in the saved "saved_mnogosearch_mobile_page.htm" file to the section of "search_skeleton.htm and SAVE as "search_mobile.html".

5) Copy everything BELOW the line at the bottom these instructions in the saved "saved_mnogosearch_mobile_page.html" file to the section of "search_skeleton.htm" ABOVE the "Search for" Form and SAVE "search_mobile.html" again.

6) In the "search_mobile.html" file, delete the script link to Kaspersky javascript.

7) If needed, edit "search.html" to remove the "<CR>" at the ends of some lines. Highlight the block and use Edit, Convert, UNIX to DOS commands in VEDIT to do this.

8) Edit "search.html" to search and replace all links starting with "/xcart/" to "http://www.ristenbatt.com/xcart/". 9) FTP the file named "search_mobile.htm" that was created to the "/usr/home/vacfacts/mnogosearch/etc" directory on the website.

10) Test "Advanced Full-Site Search" on our website to ensure that all is working well.
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